Perverted Stories 13

Perverted Stories 13 Porn Video Art

Four more off-the-beaten track vignettes from this wild and wacky sexvid series. The opening clip is titled 'Anal Back Lizard,' and it stars Brooke Ashley as the thus-named character. To that end, she wears a thin black bodysuit and wanders around the desert. She's discovered by Billy Glide and treated to a frenetic back door tryst that drives Brooke right over the bend. She's an intense performer, and she really gets into the raunchy spirit of things in a blistering segment. Next, Jay Ashley goes out to his dumpster to drop off some trash, but he discovers that there are a pair of lusty ladies living in the filth (Leanna Heart and Dallas). Needless to say, he jumps right into the middle of a high-pitched threesome with the gals in a scene that builds to a shattering back door boff with the delectable Dallas. The third vignette, 'Desert Song,' starts off much like the first, with Phaedra this time playing some sort of odd desert-dwelling creature. She wanders around in a strange outfit, but just as the scene gets going we cut to Phaedra telling this tale to her psychiatrist. He prescribes sex as the cure for what ails her, and they pair off in a down-and-dirty couch session that's the flick's best. Finally, Kiki wears a latex outfit and aggressively takes on some lucky black cat. She smokes a cigar during the entire scene, lending an aura of wackiness to the passionate proceedings. A nice collection of clips that features some stuff you probably won't find anywhere else.

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