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Buttman Focused #3

Buttman Focused #3  Porn Video Art

John "Buttman" Stagliano is the pioneering inventor of gonzo porn, a sex industry legend who is not afraid to dig deep into his own psyche and explore the compulsions that drive his imagination. In recent years, John has pursued these erotic fixations in his "Buttman's Stretch Class" series, in which the veteran porn hound's favorite female muses visit his home studio for intimate, instructional episodes of sensational tease and graphic SM play resulting in the expansion of their orifices and minds. For those craving intense focus, he has collected clips from his private adventures for "Buttman Focused 3" the latest in John's thematically edited anthologies organized according to kink. As the director himself puts it, "Focused is concentrated porn. Each section is one theme with many different girls; 13 different obsessions. No chitchat. Just the good stuff"

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