Russian Institute #19 - Holidays At My Parents

Russian Institute #19 - Holidays At My Parents Porn Video Art

'It's summertime and Ariel is going to spend the holidays at her parents' house with Lola and Manon, her two best friends. It's an opportunity for the girls to get a little bit closer and to make the most of the sexual experience of all the seductive forty-something men that they will encounter. For the moment, however there is a long road ahead before getting to Ariel's house. To unwind, Lola takes a small anal break in the woods with the driver who offered to give them a lift. He doens't regret his kind gesture. Ariel, who followed them, won't miss a minute of the show. The day after their arrival, Ariel's parents organized a small party for the girls… For these beautiful students from the Russian Institute, the word vacation really doesn't mean rest; the hardest of new horizons with very experienced men…'

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