The Muse

The Muse Porn Video Art

'Director Yutaka Ikejima has been a prolific contributor to the world of Pinku Films. In this, his 100th film as a director, Mr. Pink takes a retrospective look at the world of making and starring in such films. Takashima is a young struggling actor who wants to be a film director. The film follows his chance encounters and career highlights (and lowlights!) as he strives to reach the top, and details his attempt to create the perfect film. World-famous Japanese Porn actress Riri Koda stars as Yahan, his girlfriend and star of his films. This film delivers Writer Daisuke Goto’s artistic and modern style along with Ikejima’s less-than-subtle antics and borderline raunchy erotica scenes. Using his connections in the Pink Eiga industry, Ikejima offers an artistic, reflexive look at the Pink Eiga world, including scenes shot on the actual Pink Eiga ADR and edit stages. The story of The Muse is very much Ikejima’s own story – the struggle to maintain artistic quality and integrity despite the limits and constraints of the Pink Film genre.

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