'Well, this series just goes to show you the strength and staying power of a good idea. This series is based on the notion that if you doll up fresh-faced young women in cute little school-girl outfits, then match them up with hard-charging hunks in white-hot scenes of rear entry debauchery, people will beat a path to your door. Or at least buy volume after volume of your sexvid series. The fact that this is the twenty-first one of these flicks shows how right the filmmakers were. The format keeps on working in this one, delivering plenty of passion and energy along with a lovely collection of relative hardcore newcomers. The hottest scene in the flick is right at the top, with luscious Cameron Myst looking absolutely scrumptious in her role as a ditzy senior trying to keep her boyfriend from straying. She offers up her precious back door as enticement to stay in a frenetic coupling that sets a scorching tone. Stunning Molly Rome shows that she's not one to shy away from down and dirty fun, as she takes on a trio of guys in a multi-position grind. Sabrina Jayde and Jamie Lynn gets their kicks in a kinky little scenario that finds both girls looking truly eager to please. The finale stars Kiki Daire in a goofy song parody segment that ends up delivering some searing action eventually. A must-see for fresh faces and raucous anal action fans.'


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