19 year old Cindy Price has great small perky breasts with dark nipples and a perfectly shaved pussy ... and she is rather shy about being seen at her most vulnerable moment - orgasm! So she try's to hide her orgasms, continuing to masturbate without missing a beat ... watch carefully as she is a sneaky one! Cindy Price looks rather nervous and shy as she stands in the corner of the room wearing a tank top (without a bra!) and a skirt. She coyly starts to play with her breasts, exposing her nice nipples through what are supposed to be the sleeve holes of her top ... she drops her skirt to the floor and caresses her pussy through her panties - this leaves her with quite a nice camel toe ;-). Cindy takes her top off completely, drops her panties, and sits on the edge of a chair with her legs parted. Her pussy is perfectly shaved, and she reaches down between her spread legs to gently caress her labia and vulva. This gentle caress quickly turns into full-on pussy rubbing masturbation until she is ready for a bit more stimulation. Cindy turns on the Hitachi, opting for low power, and places the head on her clit. The stimulation has her moaning with pleasure instantly - she really seems to like this toy and she very slowly moves it over her clit. Cindy tries to sneak in an orgasm - her pussy contracts softly - but she doesn't miss a beat and keeps masturbating except that her clit is so sensitive she can't keep the vibrator on it! Sneaky, sneaky! She eventually turns off the toy and slowly puts it away before giving us a good view of her open deep red pussy. Cindy is now wearing a white skirt and a T-shirt as she picks a pillow off the chair and puts it in position on the floor. She kneels down and lifts up her shirt to expose her lovely small breasts and dark nipples. She pushes down her skirt next giving us a quick glimpse of her camel toe, then sheds her skirt entirely. Cindy really has mastered the slow-motion striptease thing! She spreads her legs and plays with her slit through her panties, rubbing her clit with her fore and middle fingers. But she needs a little more, so she pulls her panty crotch aside and starts rubbing a bit more earnestly. Pretty soon, Cindy is rubbing her clit quickly which causes her to moan softly from the pleasurable sensations she is getting. She pauses the action to completely remove her clothing, then settles down with the fairy mini wand vibrator on a low setting. Once again, the vibrations from the buzzer have her moaning virtually instantly as she jiggles the head of the vibe directly on her clit, masturbating until she cums. I didn't see much by way of orgasm contractions though, but she as we know, she tries to sneak in her orgasms to she just might have had one earlier in the scene. This time Cindy is wearing just a matching bra and panty set as she sits on the edge of the chair. Even with virtually nothing on, Cindy manages to do her slow-motion striptease! Her small and perky breasts are revealed first as she teases her nipples, and then her panties are released to reveal her smooth crotch. Cindy does her customary finger masturbating warm up, rubbing her clit with her fore and middle fingers until it is ready to handle more intense stimulation. She goes for the pocket rocket vibrator this time, switching it on and planting it on her clit. Cindy holds the toy in place as the camera zooms in for a closeup of the action ... she starts to jiggle the mini vibrator on her clit for added stimulation. The camera moves back out for a bull body view until with a gasp and a squeal, Cindy cums - her pussy contracts and pulses subtly. But Cindy keeps going with the vibrator, her clit clearly sensitive so she buzzes slightly above it until she has had enough and tries to fake us out. She really is a sneaky one and she doesn't seem to want us to know when she really does orgasm! Cindy looks really cute as she stands in front of the wallpapered wall in her sundress ... I didn't really just how long her hair is until now - it goes all the way down to her butt!! She slowly removes her dress, making sure that we can see all of her curves in the process. Her small breasts are exposed first (no bra) and she pauses to stimulate her nipples, then she slips the dress down over her hips and ass leaving her wearing just a pink thong. Cindy sits down in a chair and process to play with her pussy - through the soft fabric of her panties at first, then slipping her hand into her panties, and finally pulling her panties aside for full access. Cindy gives her clit a really good rub before parting her lips wide for us to see. She takes her panties off completely and after showing us her body from all angles, settles back down in the chair with the Hitachi. She has the buzzer on low power and is jiggling it directly on her clit. We have to watch carefully as we now know that Cindy will try to sneak her orgasms in ... and it's not long before she actually does cum, her orgasm contractions once again being very subtle, and once again, her post orgasm clit sensitivity helping to give it away! Cindy sits up, puts the wand away, and spreads her pussy lips for us. She is sated!




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