Kate Aveiro is back after 10 years and this title compares the 24-year-old Kate of old with the 34-year-old MILF she has become! Six scenes of hot blonde MILF and Coed, masturbating the same pussy to orgasm after orgasm with fingers, the Hitachi and the "Thingie"! Kate is kneeling on the bed as she unbuttons her dress, then cups her breasts and rubs her crotch before taking her dress of entirely. She is wearing sexy black and white lingerie ... she takes her bra off and tosses it to the floor, then lies back on the bed with and rubs her crotch through her panties for a few moments. Kate takes her panties off and continues to play with herself as the camera moves in for a closeup of the action. She decides that it's time to get serious and breaks out the Hitachi, planting it solidly on her clit and jiggling it. Her smoothly shaved pussy is already pink from the stimulation as Kate really works the wand on it ... she really isn't messing around! The toy gets Kate moaning as a bead of her juice appears at the base of her vagina ... then seemingly out of nowhere, Kate goes "Fuck! Ah, fuck! Fuckin' hell" as she orgasms with the camera still closeup on her pussy, a wave of goosebumps spreading rapidly across her butt cheeks! She keeps the wand planted and rides out her orgasm ... Kate's contractions are not big snapping ones, but they are definitely present ... soft, and subtle. As the camera pulls back, we can see that Kate's face and neck are flushed from that one! Kate is laying naked on the bad, now 10 years younger! Her legs are spread as she gently plays with her pussy and clit. She was smoothly shaven back then too. The younger Kate moistens her finger with saliva and continues to gently tease her clit with her ring finger, inserting it into her vagina for more moisture. When she is sufficiently aroused, Kate starts to rub her clit in earnest with her one hand as her other cups her breasts and tweaks her nipples. All the stimulation has her softly moaning as she keeps up the rhythm on her sensitive parts. Her rubbing gets faster and faster and more and more intense, and her face and neck flush red as she lets out a series of big "Ahhhhh's" and she throws her head back. Kate continues to really rub her clit until with another big "Ah", she cums! Her face, neck and chest are very red! Sadly, Kate closed her legs for that one. :-( But she certainly did seem to enjoy it! The "new" Kate reappears and crawls onto the bed. She is on her knees once again as her hand reaches under her skirt to her panty clad pussy. But Kate is really ready to do it again, so she quickly takes her top off, then pulls down her skirt pausing only to give us a nice view of her thong covered behind! She flips onto her back, peels off her panties, and lights up the Hitachi magic wand. Kate moans as soon as the vibrations hit her clit! That's what she was looking for ... she keeps the buzzer focused, kicks her head back and just concentrates on the sensations as she masturbates. Kate has never been the quickest to cum, and she is alright with that ... she keeps masturbating, making her pussy quite red until she virtually wails as she cums. Hmmm ... I'm not so sure about this one, but her pussy sure does look quite swollen and delicious after all that stimulation! For the closeup fans, a panty-clad view of a 10-year-younger Kate fills the screen. Kate is already rubbing her pussy through the soft and shiny fabric, and her perky small breasts are visible in the background. Kate pulls up her legs and slips her panties off, then resumes her clit play ... slowly circling her clit with her middle and ring fingers. She gets a little saliva to get things started as she lightly rubs her clit. The camera zooms in a little bit more as Kate starts to masturbate with her fingers more furiously ... no more light clitoral contact now! She pauses to dip her fingers deep into her vagina, then resumes her firm rubbing, pausing only to get more saliva. Kate keeps masturbating until she starts to moan softly, then louder as her rubbing slows down and her soft orgasm contractions take hold! She develops light goose bumps again with this orgasm! "So that's how I like to do it", she says! This was a very nice and natural masturbation session, and it's great to compare this scene with the same view of her as a MILF! Kate is now sitting on the edge of a couch caressing her body through her dress. She reaches into her dress to cup her breasts, then under her dress to touch her crotch! She lies back on the couch with her dress hiked and her bra covered breasts coming out of the top ... she is wearing matching cotton bra and panties. Kate sits up and removes her dress, then spends some time giving her small breasts and nipples their due attention, eventually shedding her bra completely. Her crotch is her next focus - first rubbing her pussy through her panties, then in her panties, and eventually shedding her panties for more concentrated and easy access. After giving herself a good rub, Kate turns to the Hitachi again for stronger stimulation. "Oh, yeah ..." she hisses as the toy touches her ... followed by a bunch of squeals every time she touches it to her clit. She is pretty sensitive at this moment! But she soon acclimatizes, mashing the head of the buzzer to her clit even with the toy on high power. Kate really works the toy - she isn't the fastest to get there, but she doesn't give up. She keeps up the stimulation until her moans get louder and faster as she reaches her orgasm. Her pussy is quite pink and swollen again after all that stimulation! The younger Kate's backside appears as she gets into doggy style position and plants the "thingie" vibrator on her clit. It's a nice view ... she has a nice ass!! Kate rubs the vibrating toy on her clit in tight circles as the camera moves in for a closeup of the action. Her labia minora flap around in unison as she jiggles the toy on her clit. Even at this younger age, Kate wasn't the speediest to orgasm ... she works the vibe, enjoying not only the vibrations but also the firm circular motion of the toy until her moans get a little louder and she has a nice butt puckering orgasm! She keeps up the stimulation, riding this orgasm out completely as her but cheeks get covered in goosebumps. Kate wasn't done and keeps on masturbating until she cums again ... and then she does it yet again!! She is done. She turns off the toy as the camera moves out to show her dangly lips against the backdrop of the dark sheets. "I've gone all flushed," she says, giggling!




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