More orgasms is a collection of six women ranging in age from 18 to 35, from shaved to hairy, with closeup and full body views of them masturbating to at least one orgasm but as many as 3 orgasms! It is another variety pack of real female orgasms that belongs in every enthusiast's collection! Hot blonde MILF Afina Kisser struts into the room wearing a very thin gray kimono. She sits down on the couch next to the Hitachi magic wand as she starts to undo the tie and pull the kimono open. Afina stands up, removes it entirely, drops her black panties to the floor, then settles back down on the couch and starts playing with her pussy ... she has a slender body with nice small breasts and sports a great looking pussy with larger than average lips ;-). Afina sits back, inserts two fingers into her vagina and starts rubbing her clit with her other hand. But clearly that's not going to do it for her so she turns on the big vibrator and gently teases her pussy lips and clit with it. It quickly becomes very obvious that she is really enjoying the sensations as she hisses and coo's softly with her eyes closed. Afina continues to touch herself with the powerful vibrator until all of a sudden, her pants and moans intensify and her body jerks as she cums! She only has a hint of contractions, but she doesn't stop there ... after recovering for a few seconds, she puts the toy back and continues masturbating until she cums again, and this orgasm is a lot more visible! Nice!! And did I mention her nice fleshy pussy? :-o Afina is done. She puts the toy away and touches herself, and smiles at the camera as she recovers. 19-year-old Daniella Margot is wearing a red lace bra and panty set and sitting in a white leather arm chair. She stands up and turns around to show off her perfectly round ass. She then sits on the arm of the chair and pulls off her bra - nice and perky natural breasts fall out :-). Daniella reaches down and starts rubbing her vulva through the fabric of her panties before pulling aside the crotch for direct access. But this doesn't last - she stands up, turns around and slips her panties down her legs onto the floor (giving us a nice view of her naked ass this time!). Daniella sits back in the chair and gets spread eagled with one leg over each arm, reaches down between her legs and rubs her shaven pussy and parting her small lips. She's pretty excited about getting some wand action so she quickly picks up the Hitachi, turns it on, and touches it to her clit. That does it for her - she starts moaning softly and thrusting gently as she enjoys the vibrations. Daniella soaks in the feelings until with a long moan her pussy starts contracting as she orgasms - but she keeps the toy planted and her orgasm seems to go on and on ... until she cums again! Very, very nice. Daniella turns off the toy and plays with her post orgasm pussy. Ava Austen is already naked and lying on the bed with her legs apart as she put some saliva on her purple vibrator, turns it on, and starts to masturbate her lippy pussy. This is a cooch-cam view although her perfect natural breasts are quite visible too. Ava immediately starts moaning and writhing with the sensations she is getting from her toy. Ava keeps on working the toy, pausing intermittently to apply a little more saliva to her clit. She uses her other hand to press down on her lower abdomen, something she does when she is getting close. Ava is also a bit more of a communicator and lets out "Oh Yeah's" and "Oh Fuck's" as she gets more and more aroused. She briefly pauses again, but this time dips her finger into her pussy and then sucks her juices off it. After a few more soft moans and some serious belly rubbing and pressing, she legs out and "Oh God", Oh Yeah", "Fuck" and a series of long moans as her pussy really starts to pulsate and contract. It's a really nice orgasm and it sounds like it felt that way too! Ava turns the toy off, scoops up some pussy juice with it, strings it off with her finger, and the sucks her finger clean! Empera is a 21-year-old petite blonde. She is sporting a t-shirt and pink cotton panties, both of which she quickly removes. She is very flat chested and has piercings in both nipples, and her small pussy lips are bounded by a perfectly shaven pubic region. Empera sits in the white leather chair, turns the Hitachi wand onto low power and starts touching her clit with it. The toy has her moaning in seconds. In fact, she almost looks like it could make her cum in seconds ... she actually keeps pulling it off to stop herself from cumming too fast! That really is edging from the start! She sits back in the chair, spreads her legs wide apart, puts the toy back and has her first orgasm in no time at all! Her chest gets quite flushed too as she cums. After recovering for a minute, Empera turns around and kneels in the chair, then puts the wand back onto her clit doggy style. That has her moaning again almost instantly, and once again, it's another very fast orgasm that leaves her flushed. "Oh my God", she says before turning around sitting on the back of the couch and smiling at the camera. But surprise! She's not done yet! Empera turns the vibrator back on and puts it back on her clit, lifting her petite frame right off the back of the couch as she pushes herself against the goy. And this one too is there in no time ... her pre-orgasm contractions a complete telltale sign of her imminent orgasm! Empera cums yet again, and this time she is done. Rosie Cooper is sitting on a kitchenette counter wearing a striped t-shirt and pink panties. She smiles at the camera as she quickly removes her top ... her panties follow suite. Rosie is 18 years old, has nice natural breasts, and a perfectly shaven pussy with large lips and a prominent clitoris ... nice! Still sitting on the counter, Rosie spreads her legs and starts masturbating with the Fairy Mini Wand vibrator. She reaches down with her other hand and spreads her lips and ass check a little as she buzzes away at her clit. After a few moments, Rosie increases the speed of the vibrator and starts finger fucking herself as she stimulates her clit. With her eyes closed, Rosie keeps buzzing away until her body starts to twitch and her pussy and ass also have mini contractions as she gets more and more aroused. Rosie struggles to find this one a bit, but she doesn't give up - she keeps working the vibrator on her clit and keeps her finger tips working her vagina, and it all pays off. She has one orgasm where her contractions seemed a little "enhanced", but she doesn't stop there ... she keeps on masturbating until she cums again. Her cheeks got quite rosy and her face got rather sweaty with this effort ... but she looks extremely pleased with herself! MILF Valentina Ross is up next. She takes her time to peel her flimsy top down and remove denim shorts, and shows off her match bra and panty set. She is kneeling on a shag rug in front of a leather sofa. Valentina takes her bra off first and reveals her natural breasts, then pulls down her panties doggy style and shows off her ass and very hairy pussy! She rubs her clit doggy style and spreads her cheeks to give us a better view of her assets before she sits back on the couch and removes her panties completely. When Valentina spreads her legs and pulls her lips apart, we catch a glimpse of her rather large clitoris. She quickly turns on the Hitachi and starts stimulating that prominent clit while her other had firmly cups her breast. Valentina is panting and moaning almost immediately at the touch of the wand ... she rocks her hips up against the buzzer as she grasps it with both hands as if hanging onto it for dear life! Valentina keeps on buzzing her big button with the big vibrator until with a "yeah" and a pant and loud moan, she goes over the edge and cums hard. It's a strong orgasm with nice contractions which leaves her clit engorged and even larger, and Valentina sated and happy!


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