Nicole Love is a very pretty 20-year-old with a great body, perfect natural breasts with perky nipples, and the most incredible pussy lips! She also orgasms very easily with the Hitachi, and she is completely multi-orgasmic and never has just one orgasm! Wow - this is a perfect must have movie for genuine orgasm lovers that are large labia fans! Nicole Love is looking bright eyed and happy as she sits on a white leather chair, legs apart, and caressing her body. She is wearing very small black shorts ... very small ... and a tank top. She stands up, shows off her booty, then peels her shorts down and off. Nicole is sporting a red lipstick kiss tattoo on her but cheek! She turns around and lifts her top up - no bra, and a great pair of natural breasts are revealed. She gives them a quick squeeze before turning around again and slipping her tiny thong down and off over her feet. As Nicole lifts one leg up onto the arm of the chair, we catch a glimpse of amazingness! She somehow was managing to pack huge labia minora into the tiny crotch of her thong panties!! She bends forward and spreads her butt cheeks to show us just how big her package is ... OMG! Nicole flips over and sits in the chair with her legs apart and plays with her meaty pussy - she knows that she has something quite special there as she tugs on her lips. But she is ready for more ... Nicole fires up the Hitachi and without hesitation, plants the powerful vibrations on her clit, smooshing her big lips in the process. The stimulation has her panting almost immediately. 30 seconds later she quickly pulls the vibe off to stop herself from cumming ... that quick? She puts the wand back on her clit and sure enough, less than 30 seconds later her big pussy and ass starts to pulsate and contract as she cums. She quickly retracts the vibrator again for few seconds, but then puts it right back ... seconds later, Nicole is cumming again and it's a nice orgasm with lots of tugging contractions. But she is not done yet ... she takes a short break but then quickly resumes masturbating and in no time at all has yet another orgasm! Wow. Natural breasts, big pussy lips, pulsating orgasm, and truly multi-orgasmic ... what else does one want! Nicole is relaxing on a very comfy looking chaise lounge or day bed and flipping through a book. She quickly puts the book away and pulls up her black top. Once again, she is not wearing a bra which makes playing with her soft breasts and perky, hard nipples very easy! She gets up into a kneeling position in order to be able to pull her shorts down, but she stops half way and puts her thong clad butt in the air. She really does know her assets ;-). Lying down again, Nicole takes her shorts off completely and caresses her body a bit before taking her panties off too ... and there they are!! Her HUGE pussy lips ... jumping right out of her panties! How they manage to stay in there is beyond me. Nicole retrieves the Hitachi, turns it on, and applies it to her nipple ... then to her other nipple as her hand reaches between her legs to rub her clit. The big vibrator follow suite to her pussy. Nicole parts her legs and slowly moves the big toy up and down her slit, mashing her fleshy pussy with each movement. This time it takes her a whole minute and a half before she is rocked by her orgasm, and she keeps the toy planted as her contractions take hold - nice big contractions too! Nicole moves the vibe up to her nipples as her pussy recovers, but before long she puts the buzzer back and goes for another. The camera moves to directly between her legs, showing us just how big her pussy is ... and moments later, Nicole cums again! She reaches down to show us her post orgasm pussy and lips, spreading them with and giving them a good tug. Incredible. Nicole stares right into the camera as she crawls onto the bed. She is wearing just a tiny pair of jeans (which incredibly manage to hide her massive underpinnings!) and a tiny camo top. She peels her jeans down to her knees before bending over and showing us her thong covered ass and crotch, and of course, her lips tattoo. And then it hits me ... her big lips tattoo on her ass ... her big pussy lips ... ok! I think I get it! She takes off her shorts completely and lies back down on the bed, massaging and caressing her gorgeous natural breasts. Her hands wonder down between her legs and she tugs on her panties and gives herself a pantie wedgie. That looks incredible with her meaty cooch too! Nicole peels off her panties, massages her breasts and licks her nipples, and then reaches for the Hitachi again. She briefly stims her nipples with the vibrations before inching the toy down to her clit and enormous pussy lips again. Once again, the vibrations have her panting and moaning in seconds as she moves the toy up and down her slit, dragging and squishing her great pussy lips with each movement. And once again, it takes absolutely no time for her to cum! This time though she quickly pulls the vibe off her pussy and snaps her legs shut - she must be pretty sensitive after all of her previous orgasms! But the tail end of her contractions are still visible when she parts her legs again. Her pussy lips are nicely folded over each other as she writhes on the bed. Nicole isn’t done though. She puts the vibe back on her pussy and clit and starts masturbating again and seconds later she has yet another orgasm! Her legs involuntarily clamp shut again, and the camera man asks her to really try to keep her legs apart ... but she is way too sensitive this time. She buzzes her nipples as she recovers a bit, and then puts the vibe back on her pussy as she clutches her breast. Nicole massages her pussy lips and clit with the Hitachi until she cums again - her legs clamp together briefly again much to the dismay of the camera man. He suggests they switch up and do another scene. Still, Nicole and her mesmerizing pussy lips managed 3 orgasms in this scene! After a bit of a break, Nicole is looking really relaxed as she lies on the bed wearing a red skirt and a black top. She really is a beautiful woman with a nice smile and bright eyes! When she lifts her leg up, her purple panties come into view. Nicole unhooks and peels off her skirt, then pulls the crotch of her panties aside as she spreads her legs. Those wonderful lips fall out :-O ... she takes her panties off completely, pulls her top up over her braless boobs, and massages her pussy and breasts. Her small nipples are perky and hard as Nicole plays with her pussy lips, tugging on them and spreading them. She retrieves the magic wand, turns it on, and immediately stimulates her breast and nipple with it. She gingerly moves it down to her pussy as the camera moves in for a closeup of the action this time. Nicole slowly moves the toy over her clit and ample pussy lips and starts to pant and moan from the stimulation. She presses it harder against her clit, smooshing her labia down over her vagina. She then turns up the poser and cums almost immediately, pulling the toy away from her sensitive bits - her contractions are still clearly visible though ... after a few moments, Nicole puts the toy back on her pussy, dancing it over her vulva and clit. She turns up the power again, smooshes her labia, and cums again! This time she is done. She spreads her lips and give us a great view of her post orgasm ample pussy. Wow.





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