Orgasms Reloaded is the third in the "Orgasms" series and features a broad range of horny women masturbating to their hearts (and pussies) content! From hot blond MILF Kirsten Klark, through 22-year-old Lena Spanks, to curvy Nicol and more - 6 women in total, all with one common goal. Orgasm! Hot blonde MILF Kirsten Klark lifts her top over her head and drops her denim shorts to the floor leaving her clad only in a matching light blue bra and panty set. She reaches back and unhooks her bra, tossing it to the floor and releasing her large, natural, slightly pendulous breasts - wow! She drops her panties to the floor as she sits down in the white leather chair, putting one leg over each arm and for easy access and viewing of her perfectly shaved pussy. After rubbing her luscious labia for a couple of seconds, she reaches back for the Hitachi magic wand, turning it onto low power and applying it to her clit. She reaches up and cups her breast with her other hand. The stimulation has her panting and moaning in seconds! Kirsten jiggles the vibe on her clit, clearly enjoying what it is doing to her and before she knows it, the wand does its magic and makes her cum! But that was a bit of a surprise and Kristen hasn't had enough ... she puts the wand back on her clit and starts masturbating again - her vulva and labia have really swelled up and are very prominent as Kirsten reaches her second orgasm! She reaches down and plays with her pussy, then cups her large bosom. She's got quite the smile on her face - she can't hide it! The cameraman asks "you liked that?" ... "Very good" she answers, and she clearly means it! Coed Jericha Jem is sitting on the bed as she unclips her dress and slips it down over her feet. She has a petite frame with rather large natural breasts and nipples ... she slips her red panties to the floor, parts her legs and plants a purple wand vibrator on her shaved pussy and clit. Jericho immediately starts to gently thrust her hips against the toy, and not long after that does she start to gently moan and pant. She caresses her breasts as she masturbates, even briefly licking one nipple and pinching the other before her hand moves down and grasps her inner thigh. She is virtually holding the wand still as she lifts her hips up and down against it ... "It feels so good ...", she says just before letting out a series of "ah's" and "mmm's". Her hip thrusting gets more and more urgent as she masturbates, and her free hand reaches up and holds onto her breasts and nipples. This is really doing it for Jericho, and suddenly with her breath catching and a big "ahhh ..." Jericho goes over the edge and cums with a nice series of contractions! She turns the toy off as the camera moves in for a closeup view of the orgasm aftermath, and Jericho obliges by inserting a finger into her vagina and parting her lips. Very sexy indeed! Carmen Valentina is kneeling on the bed as she wiggles out of her white shorts, leaving her wearing just orange panties and a blue t-shirt. She switches on her wand vibrator and puts it against her clit through the fabric of her panties as she lifts her shirt and plays with her breasts. Carmen pauses to take her panties off, then gets comfy against the pillows as she puts the buzzer back on her clit. Her pubic mound is a layer with trimmed pubic hair, but she is shaved down the sides of her labia ... and she is rather well endowed down there too! Carmen keeps masturbating with the vibrator, panting and "ahhing" and "yes'ing" - clearly enjoying what her vibrator is doing to her! She keeps the toy well planted and straitens her legs until she is almost there ... she seems to be holding her breath, and as she gasps for more air, she spreads her legs - her pussy is quite red and her labia are larger than I originally noticed! Wow. It's not long before Carmen buzzes herself over the edge and cums ... her pussy is quite sensitive after that! Angel Rush struts into the room in some serious short cut off shorts that really don't cover her ass at all! She turns around and lifts up her top to show off her large breasts and nipples before unbuttoning her shorts, turning around once more as she slips them to the floor. Still bending over, Angel reaches back and tugs on the side of her pussy which slips all of her goodness out from behind the string of the thong. The drops her thong to the floor and sits in a chair as her fingers find her shaved pussy once more. She starts out with one hand rubbing her pussy while the other cups her breasts, and quickly moves to finger fucking herself with two fingers. But soon it's evident that Angel wants more ... she picks up the Hitachi magic wand and switches it to low power ... but that almost seems too much for her to begin with. She lightly touches her clit a few times with it just to get accustomed to the sensations before she is able to plant it firmly in place. Every time she moves the buzzer over her clit her pussy contracts ... she jiggles it on her clit, then rubs it up and down her slit ... she inserts three fingers as she buzzes away. Angel really works the toy and her pussy. She pulls her legs up in the air and plants the vibe firmly and that does the trick - Angel has a big toe curling orgasm that takes her breath away! She turns off the wand and gently caresses her pussy ... she's done. Curvy MILF Nicol walks up to the chair carrying her rabbit vibe. Her denim shorts are already unbuttoned showing her black panties underneath, and her nipples poking through the fabric of her top are a good indicator that she is not wearing a bra. Nicol drops her shorts to the floor, the pulls her shirt over her breasts - wow - she really has an incredible pair of nice and large natural breasts! She turns around and slips her panties to the floor before sitting down in the leather chair. Her pussy is trimmed Brazilian style. Nicol lifts one leg over an arm of the chair to give her access to her pussy as she clutches one breast and starts to masturbate with her rabbit vibrator. She then sits forward and looks between her legs as she parts her lips and rubs the toy over her clitoris. But that is clearly not going to get her there in this setting so the camera man hands her the Hitachi. Nicol leans back in the chair, places the toy on her clit and switches it on. The effect is immediate - just the look on her face as the vibrations hit her sweet spot! The toy has her panting in seconds ... and makes her cum seconds later! Wow - that was fast! But Nicole hasn't had enough, so she puts the vibe right back on her clit and continues to masturbate without skipping a beat. She is panting away as she gently grinds her hips up against the soft head of the buzzer, her soft ample breasts heaving in unison. The cameraman asks her to lift her legs up over the arms of the chair and she obliges, giving us a nice view of her fully aroused vagina as the wand glides up and down over it. Her rhythm picks up and she gets a blank look in her eyes - she is clearly in ecstasy, and it doesn't take much more to make her pussy cum again! She keeps up the stimulation until she is totally sated. Blond coed Lena Spanks butt fills the screen as she hops up onto the bed. She pulls up her top and caresses her breasts through her pink bra before taking her top off completely. Her bra quickly follows suit and she lets out a little giggle as her perky small breasts are revealed. Lena pulls her shorts off and gives us a view of her pussy and ass underneath her thong panties ... well, sort of underneath ;-). Lena takes her panties off completely, gets comfy on the pillows and starts frantically rubbing her pussy and clit with her fingers. But she only does that for a few seconds - she has other ideas on how she wants to get off! Lena reaches over for the magic wand, turns it on, and puts it firmly on her clit. She closes her eyes and soaks up the sensations as her other hands reach down and spread her pussy lips. She really has a nice pussy with large-ish labia too! Lena keeps masturbating with the Hitachi on lower power, and even that has her panting and moaning. She reaches up and pinches her nipples which react nicely in response, but she doesn't take the buzzer off her clit. Before long, she has some pre-orgasm contractions as she starts to whimper and tremble a little ... then without missing a beat, she quickly switches the wand to high power which gives her even more pre-orgasm contractions. Lena kicks her head back, opens her mouth and gasps just as her big orgasm contractions take to hold she cums! Very, very nice! She quickly puts away the toy and lays back to recover.


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