THREE GENERATIONS TABOO - DAUGHTER - MOTHER - GRANDFATHER This is a very close family, maybe a little to close. We see the old grandfather talking to his daughter Scarlett. They are worried about Alessandra, Scarlett's daughter. Both Mother and Grandfather have noticed that Alessandra has not been herself lately. Mother says it is because she broke up with her boyfriend. They agree that mom should talk to Alessandra and try to cheer her up. Mom's attempt to console her daughter somehow ends up in a hugging, groping and kissing session right in the middle of the kitchen. Mother is quite surprised that it is happening and does not any what went wrong. But a few hours later they are sitting on the couch and cannot keep their hands off of each other. They sure do like kissing. Mom is very much the aggressor, pushing daughter down on the couch and playing with her pussy. They move to the bedroom and as mom is kissing Alessandra's pussy in walks grandpa and starts videoing the action. They both have some great climaxes. A couple of days later we see them all in bed together, grandpa between his daughter and granddaughter. Mom is filming the action so they can watch it later. The old guy gets some nice kissing from Alessandra and she crawls up on top of him and he can feel her pussy rubbing on his shorts. He pulls her top down so he can see and play with her young tits. It is not long before she is sucking on his old cock. Mom is really getting off on filming her daddy and daughter having sex right in front of her. She has daughter film so she can suck daddy's cock too. Mom and daughter suck some more pussy as grandpa films. The girls trade off sucking cock and letting the 85-year-old man lick their pussies. Finally, grandpa cannot wait, he puts his daughter on her tummy oils up her ass and his cock and starts rubbing his cock between her asscheeks. Alessandra films away as she watches her grandpa cum on her mom's ass. What a family. Hope we see more of them.





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