Make Her Submit 5

Make Her Submit 5 Porn Video Art

Pussy always tastes better when there's a little domination involved! Beaten Lee and Caroline Sweets - DIscovering that her husband had been cheating on her, Bladen decides she needs to know what the other woman has that she doesn't. She confronts Caroline and then seduces her in this twisted tale. Jennifer Jacobs and Jayden Cole - Jennifer's step-mom is definitely creepy. So creepy that she made a voodoo doll of Jennifer and her to clean the house. She makes Jennifer strip and masturbates. The real fun begins! Natasha Blu and Silvia Sage - Silvia has been letting Natasha crash at her place but having a broke roommate does have its perks. Silvia demands that Natasha give her a sponge bath and the pair begins a new arrangement. Sadie Pop and Tia Cyrus - Tia is supposed to be tutoring Sadie, but the girl has vanished. Tia goes looking for her and finds her masturbating. Now that Tia knows what turns Sadie on, she decides to teach the young Sadie how to eat pussy.

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