Liza Rowe - You want what? A few nude shots of me? Stepdaddy, that's gross! Yes, I do want the car tonight. Okay, I'll strip naked for you, Stepdaddy. Hurry up and get your video of me. You want me to touch that hard cock? What??? You mean actually have sex with you? Well, I guess if it's for the car, but please try not to leave a ton of jizz on my face. Zoe Clark - Stepdaddy, I don't want to go to dance classes because my boobs aren't big enough for this outfit. Want to see my boobs,Stepdaddy? Oh, you took two of those pills? I swapped them with Viagra! Want me to help you get that out of your system? You're watching porn Stepdaddy? Why not try the real thing on me? Michelle Martinez - Papi,I'm soooo bored! Can we do something together?I have an idea: let's have a tickle fight, hehe! Can you please let me win though? I just wanna tickle every little spot on your body! Even you weenie! I'll even tickle it with my tongue too because I know how much my king like it. Don't worry, if you won't tell mom, I won't either! Haven Rae - You're going to tell Mom I'm smoking unless you can photograph my tits? Fine. Now you want to see me totally nude? You are a disgusting old pervert, Stepdad. I hate being the outlet for your sick perversions.Now you have to fuck me or I'll tell Mom on you, Stepdaddy! Cumon, you're a disgusting creepy pervert, right?


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