The Hotwife Life #5

The Hotwife Life #5 Porn Video Art

Skylar's husband hired a detail guy to polish his car but when he comes outside to check out the work he's doing he discovers Skylar, his wife, polishing the car washer's cock! He was supposed to polish the car, but ended up waxing that ass while hubby watched. When Barbie's much older fiancee hires a lawyer to draw up a prenup, Marbie lets the old man know just what he's in for by fucking his lawyer right in front of him. Luna Skye is excited to see that her convict ex-hubby has broken out of jail. So excited in fact that she fucks him while her current husband is coerced to watch. Aidra is tired of the weak fucking her husband gives her so when she checks out the guy helping them move, she sees it as an opportunity for some real dick... and she makes her hubby take notes!

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