Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge Porn Video Art

Romy has a new job: working for a couple in Prague. The lady of the house, however, is never happy and follows Romy with unreasonable requests. Romy stays calm… but at night, she gets her satisfaction. Jealousy is a sin… Artist Ricky Rascal is painting the beautiful young Lya Missy, which makes his wife Isabella crazy. So Isabella makes sure that she marks her territory while being an absolute bitch to Lya. However, Lya's reaction is not exactly what she had in mind… It is getting out of hand! Each time Steve and his wife are doing it, the girl next door comes knocking on their door, asking if they can keep it down. Steve goes to have a little chat with her. But the girl next door is Zaawaadi, and she doesn't want to talk…

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Director: Roma Amor