Picking Up Teens

Picking Up Teens Porn Video Art

Vika Lita is in bad need of a ride. It's hot as fuck outside, and she doesn't have any money at all to ride the bus. A teen darling such as her doesn't need bus fare when she's wearing a sexy little skirt. Even though she has no cash, this guy is more than willing to give her a ride. His big gamble pays off when they go into the woods to have a little kinky fun. She may not have any money to pay for gas, but that beautiful teen body of hers is enough. She's tall, skinny, with two of the perkiest tits ever. This petite beauty is also highly skilled at sucking cock. He automatically forgets about the fact she has no money for gas when pounding her pussy. Just to make sure he understands how much she appreciates all of this, she milks the semen out of his cock in an unforgettable grand finale. Does Miki Love have what it takes to become a basketball player? Probably not. That's not going to stop this guy from pretending she does. He'll say and do anything to get into her panties. Even if it means lying about her chances of playing basketball. They go back to his place and that's when he puts the moves on her. This guy gets to taste her pussy and he can't believe his luck. She's got a great tasting pussy and this cutie isn't afraid to gobble up a penis. Her cock sucking skills totally shock and amaze this guy. The workout he gives her teen pussy is nothing like she'd experience on the basketball court. The semen that lands on Miki's face magically makes her look more beautiful than she already does. Cassie Fire is walking down the street minding her own business when two guys strike up a conversation. They lie and say the one guy is a music video producer. The truth is, they're both perverts. They're not in the music industry at all. All they're trying to do is get into the panties of a pretty teen. Would she like to be in a music video? Sure she would. It's the dream of every teen out there. What is she willing to do to be in a video? She'll fuck a total stranger to be in one. There's some pussy licking and plenty of cock sucking. The sex is where the real action is. This guy knows exactly how lucky he was to find a girl stupid enough to believe he's a music video director. That's why he takes every opportunity possible to make the most out of this. It's also why he lives out his teen sex fantasy by giving her a facial at the end. Rebecca Volpetti is a teen who's way too trusting. Today, she's going to fuck a total stranger. She doesn't know this guy from a box of rocks. However, she does seem to know that he's packing some serious meat in his pants. This is why she's so eager to go back home with him. Rebecca is a cock crazy teen. Everyone knows this about her. He's about to find it out when they have some fun in the sack. Cock sucking isn't what she's out for. Neither is pussy eating. A girl like her wants cock and nothing else. She wants it right in between her legs. Fucking her pussy hard is the only way to please a girl like her. He'll do just that before plastering her freshly fucked teen pussy with cum. Kizzy Sixx needs to get where she's going. Walking is out of the question because the distance is too far. Luckily a generous man comes along and gives her a ride. Does she have a boyfriend? No, she doesn't. She does like sex though. He's been driving for two hours nonstop. That means he's in bad need of a break. It doesn't take him long to find out that she's an expert cock sucker. She goes down on his beefy penis and he can't believe his luck. This delightful teen has a shaved pussy that is a perfect fit for his cock. The outdoor sex they have has to make him grateful that teens today are flat broke. He wouldn't have been able to cum all over her nice ass if she had enough money to own a car.

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