Summertime #13

Summertime #13 Porn Video Art

Summer is in the air and we want you all to know about it! On this DVD we have collected the hottest scenes ever recorded in the open air. What does Arwen Gold like to do while out in nature during summer? She likes to have pictures taken of herself. Arwen isn't exactly the type that hides her ego. No one likes to be the center of attention more than she does. That's why it really strokes her ego when the guy calls this teen a princess. There's also something else that she likes to do in the nature while it's summertime. The guy finds out exactly what that is after he lays down a blanket and they flirt with each other. A penis in the hand is definitely worth a face in the bush as they take on the classic sixty nine position. Arwen gets her world rocked and the moans this teen unleashes won't leave anyone with any doubts of it. Keira and Antonia are teen girlfriends that both have a naughty side. They both film the other while playing with themselves. The view of these two spread eagle while masturbating is absolutely stunning. Seeing a teen experiencing the height of pleasure, while being fully nude, is almost like a work of art. There aren't many things more beautiful an eyeball can see. Antonia goes first and she plays with herself like a true pro. No one needs to tell this cutie what to do to get off. Keira follows and the sight is just as exciting. The way these two hug and caress each other at the end, shows how strong their relationship is. What you've just witnessed is, two lovers being naughty in front of each other. Lexi Rain thinks no one can see her. That's why she goes into the pond while wearing no clothes at all. A quick swim makes this curvy cutie really horny. Those curves will be put to the test once she comes out of the water. Lexi believes that she's totally alone. She's not and a camera is following her every move. What it captures is something that is breathtakingly beautiful. A girl like her is the perfect example of what a teen is. This is even more true when she spreads those creamy white legs of hers. She does so to reveal the bald pussy that's hiding in between them. Rubbing that pussy of hers makes it feel so good. Watch closely as it secretes a milky white liquid the closer she gets to orgasm. Her excited pussy shows and tells the world just how good all this masturbation is feeling. Cindy is swimming when she sees a hot guy sunbathing. She decides to bully him a bit until her gets into the water with her. Before he knows it he is on his knees licking her pussy. She sucks his cock and they fuck right on the spot, not worried about who might see them. The camera doesn't lie and it picks up Suzy Rainbow being as naughty as a teen can be. This girl has no inkling of an idea if anyone can see her or not. For a voyeur like her, it's no concern at all. The simple fact someone may be able to see her only drives this teen to kick things into overdrive. She's horny and this girl can't deny it. There's no need to. A body like hers is a joy to touch and that's what she's going to do. The level of arousal she's experiencing calls for more than just what fingers can deliver. The big toy is needed for this job. A toy that will send her teen loins into outer space once she allows it to work its magic. Malyshka Che and Arwen Gold are both enjoying a nice drive when the urge to have sex comes across both of them. Teen lesbians like these can't keep their sexual urges to themselves. That's why they pull over and get to work on making each other feel good. Perverted teens such as these, travel with all the tools necessary to make themselves have a much needed orgasm. Tongues won't be enough to get off these sex hungry teen kittens. It will take every single ounce of their being to be able to get the other off. These teens prove that hard work really does pay off. The proof is in their glass shattering moans, as they both climb closer to the edge of insanity, during what can only be described as earth shaking orgasms. A relaxing sunny day on a boat is what Nicole Love is enjoying. She also enjoys being out all alone. That means she has the opportunity to play with herself. The desire to do so kicks in when she rubs her tits. Those big beautiful teen tits of hers are screaming for all the attention they can get. She gives them just that and the reward is a wet pussy. A pussy that will not settle for anything other than being stimulated. The desire to masturbate is so strong, Nichole can't hold back. Talented fingers quickly search and find all the spots that are tingling. The better it feels, the more she rubs herself. It all ends with an orgasm that takes this busty outdoor loving teen by surprise.

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