Retaliation Porn Video Art

Kai has made a stupid mistake: the message that was meant for Antonia, the girl that he is cheating on his girlfriend Anna with, was sent to Anna instead. So... now she knows everything. Anna is angry and wants revenge! She doesn't know exactly how she will punish Kai, but she knows where to start: he needs to make sure that Antonia comes over, right away. Part 2 of Anna's revenge. Kai and Anna enter a room with all kinds of equipment for BDSM-lovers. Kai does not know what to expect, but when he's put behind bars, he is aware that he will not take part in this session. He can only watch. And... there she comes: Shalina Devine. Anna's body is still shivering, after her session with Shalina, but she doesn't have much time to recover. She is bound to the wall and waits for her next surprise, while Kai has to watch from his cage. When John comes into the room he doesn't wait long before he helps Anna with her true revenge...

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Director: Roma Amor