Ink Motel Vol. 2

Ink Motel Vol. 2 Porn Video Art

When Grindhouse meets Film Noir for a secret Comedic Rendezvous in a seedy part of town, there is only one place … Ink Motel! Welcome to the 2nd installment of the series as Russian Pornographer Ivan Dragon implores his crew of miscreants to seduce new guests into getting tattooed and fucked all for his hidden camera pleasures. Watch as Alt Marilyn Monroe, Evilyn Ink, gives Ivan his 1st tattoo then does double tattooing action and fuck session with Duke Daybreak! Canadian Internet Powerhouse Samantha Mack shows off her acting chops before teaching Sascha Ink why she is the “Content Queen” Professional Pussy Dealer! The movie jumps from craziness to creepiness to the outlandish in 4 hours you will never forget! The cast of Evilyn Ink, Amber Luke, Katie Monroe, Samantha Mack, Duke Daybreak, Sascha Ink, and Ivan have a chemistry that jumps through the screen and inside your funny bones. Sit back, grab your Pop Corn, grab your spank rag, and giggle away as you muscle up your forearms.

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