My Mother's Best Friend 4

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Gonzo, Mature, Reality,

In one of the most beautiful and cinematic erotic love stories ever to be told, legendary adult star Julia Ann is a beautiful but aging early 20th Century courtesan. When Julia's friend Nica expresses worry about her troubled son Xander, Julia offers to take the young man under her wing and help set him on the right track. But Julia soon discovers that Xander is not the innocent young lad she reme...

The Walking Dead - A Hardcore Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Double-Penetration, Anal, Fantasy, Lesbian, Spoof, Threesomes, Uniforms,

'After months in a hospital bed, County Sheriff Rick woke up from a coma and quickly realized the world had been overrun by zombies. One odd notion was especially troubling; These zombies are hungry for brains... and sex! A jizz shot was the only sure-fire way to return these undead creatures to the grave! 'Will Lori continue to band Shane or Rick? Will Michonne and Andrea finally fuck? Will...

Spider Man XXX: A Porn Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Spoof, Pornstars, Fantasy, Hardcore,

Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is about to get caught in a web of sexual bliss! Will he be able to save the city from the evil menace of Electro and The Kingpin? Will he finally choose between Gwen and Mary Jane? Will he manage to resist the charm of The Black Widow? Peter Parker's secret identity turns out to be a lot more exciting in Axel Braun's sexy spoof SPIDER-MAN XXX: A PORN PARODY,...

Superman XXX: A Porn Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Spoof, Fantasy, Pornstars, Hardcore,

Vivid Entertainment and director Axel Braun are taking on the Man of Steel in SUPERMAN XXX: A PORN PARODY. Starring Andy San Dimas as Lois Lane, Alexis Texas as Miss Teshmacher, Zoe Voss as Ursa, Lexi Belle as a Flight Attendant, Kristina Rose as a Receptionist, Ryan Driller as Superman, James Deen as Jimmy Olson, Eric Masterson as the evil Lex Luther, Ben English as Zod, Dick Chibbles as Non, Ale...

Superman Vs Spider-Man XXX: An Axel Braun Parody - Disc #1 (Feature)

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Uniforms, Spoof, Fantasy,

'The classic 1976 superhero crossover gets the XXX spoof treatment, courtesy of undisputed porn parody king Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment. When Doc Ock and Lex Luthor join forces to defeat their nemesis, Spidey and the Man of Steel meet for the first time and must work together to foil the evil duo's nefarious plans for world domination. Ryan Driller and Xander Corvus repri...

This Can't Be Deadpool - XXX + X - A Porn Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Anal, Fantasy, Spoof, Feature, Uniforms,

'It was just a matter of time until DEADPOOL got the porn parody treatment, courtesy of legendary director Ralph Long and adult powerhouse SPIZOO Entertainment... and it was worth the wait! Wolverine (played by AVN winner Tommy Gunn), Rogue, Domino (played by AVN winner Allie Haze). Ms Marvel (played by AVN winner Anikka Albrite). Kitty Pryde (Brittany Andrews first feature in 3 years), and Lady...

Voracious - Season #2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Fetish, Fantasy,

'Porn pioneer John Stagliano’s groundbreaking “Voracious” series delivered undead lust, vampire intrigue and kinky, hard-core sex. In the new second season’s dark narrative, the fetish porn world’s top talents clash as perverse cravings create an eternal battlefield, with many casualties. The three episodes presented on “Voracious Season Two Volume 1” are tales from the nighttime world of a mode...

Iron Man XXX: An Axel Braun Parody - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Anal, Spoof, Threesomes, Feature, Uniforms,

'From legendary director Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment comes an action-packed sexy spoof on the tale of billionaire philanthropist Tony Stark (Dale DaBone) and his superhero alter-ego!

Wolverine XXX - An Axel Braun Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Threesomes, Spoof, Lesbian, Fantasy, Feature, Uniforms,

'Wolverine is a mutant with an unbreakable skeleton, retractable adamantium claws, and a healing ability that reverses nearly any wound. His past however, is shrouded in mystery. Calling himself Logan, Wolverine has spent years trying to unravel the layers of his own history. Will Domino, a female mutant with luck abilities help Wolverine stitch together the threads of his past? And what about t...

Thor XXX - An Axel Braun Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Uniforms, Feature, Spoof, Fantasy,

'The mighty Thor, played by award-winning actor Brendon Miller, battles the Frost Giants and suffers minor wounds...only to be betrayed by his own half-brother Loki, who tricks him into hurtling his hammer Mjolnir to Midgard after assuming Thor's identity to seduce Sif. What follows is a trip to Earth, a fever dream hospital stay, an encounter with The Temptress and The Executioner, and a series...


Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Feature, Outdoors, Uniforms, Fantasy, Couples,

'Wicked Pictures and award-winning director Brad Armstrong take you on a journey into the Underworld... an erotic masterpiece like no other! A film that blends breath-taking visuals, tantalizing costumes, intriguing characters, out of this world production design and of course - amazing sex! After a robbery gone wrong, Tanya (jessica drake) finds herself in a coma-like state, which has her cross...

Story Of Sophia

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, European, Hardcore, Threesomes, Fantasy,

My name is Sophia and I?m a porn actress... I had my first sexual experience at 22. Today, I?m 28 and for me pornography is the best way to experience my fantasies, to break the taboos, in other words, to do everything I would not even imagine in real life. Sophia is a gorgeous, curvy young brunette who has decided to make all her fantasies come true. Accepted in depraved middle class, she will be...

Cinderella XXX - An Axel Braun Parody - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Threesomes, Spoof, Uniforms, Lesbian, Fantasy,

'From legendary director Axel Braun comes the third chapter in the highly successful Wicked Fairy Tales series, a sexy take on the classic Charles Perrault story featuring Samantha Saint as the persecuted heroine, Veronica Avluv as the Evil Stepmother, and porn superstar Julia Ann as the Fairy Godmother. Darkly sensual, beautifully shot, and sexually intense, “Cinderella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody...

Medieval Mischief

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Fantasy,

A Midsummer Knight's Cream, an erotic tale of the whores of medieval times and the knights who rode them!

The Pyramid

Studio: N/A

Categories: Classics, Feature, Fantasy,

Private launches it's eagerly awaited Classics line with the re-release of Pyramid, one of the most successful porn films ever! Enjoy.

Wonder Woman XXX - An Axel Braun Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Spoof, Threesomes, Feature, Uniforms,

'Legendary director Axel Braun brings to life the erotic adventures of the world's most beloved superheroine: Wonder Woman!'

Girl Pirates 2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Hardcore,

Lusty wenches Cherokee and Kirsten lead a cast of horny swashbucklers who have plenty of booty and a need to swab the dick. Directed by Bridgette Kerkove you can count on lots of buried treasure... deep in some cute girls' asses. From Loaded Digital the best in hard-edge gonzo.

Ejacula 2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Classics, Fantasy, Pornstars, Orgy, Hardcore,

The seduction continues as Ejacula hunts for a flawless virgin to take part in the ritual vampire orgy! Watch as the pristine are deflowered and become cock craving cum suckers!

Robinson Crusoe On Sin Island

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Anal, European, Outdoors, Feature,

A raunchy re-interpretation of a classic tale. Robinson Crusoe on Sin Island is a seafaring sex saga starring Silvia Saint.

Alexis Texas Has Sex Somnia

Studio: N/A

Categories: Pornstars, Feature, Fantasy, Hardcore,

Sleep sex – better known as ""Sexsomnia"" – is a form om of sleepwalking that causes people to engage in sexual acts while they are asleep. And while little has been known about it until now, the exciting new release ""Sexsomnia"" is poised to blow the lid off this condition with the help of some of the most acclaimed performers in adult entertainment. And who better to take you on this XXX journe...

Superman Vs Spider-Man XXX: An Axel Braun Parody - Disc #2 (Bonus)

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Uniforms, Spoof, Fantasy,

'The classic 1976 superhero crossover gets the XXX spoof treatment, courtesy of undisputed porn parody king Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment. When Doc Ock and Lex Luthor join forces to defeat their nemesis, Spidey and the Man of Steel meet for the first time and must work together to foil the evil duo's nefarious plans for world domination. Ryan Driller and Xander Corvus repri...

Creature Feature

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Fantasy, Spoof, Hardcore,

Hosted By Sunny Lane! A Monster Legacy Comes To Life! A monster legacy comes to life...bride of Frankenstein is electrifying...the mummy leaves you speechless... Dracula takes the bite out of scream...the Wolfman has a howl of a good time... Zombie Man is an ultra bone chiller!


Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Spoof, Fantasy, Hardcore,

From one masterpiece to the next, the world famous Italian director, Mario Salieri, has received prize after prize at the most prestigious film festivals. DRACULA is the very apotheosis of his career! A historical fresco of epic proportions in sumptuous sets of the day. This super production received top honors both in Barcelona and Brussels.

This Ain't Ghost Hunters XXX

Studio: N/A

Categories: Spoof, Fantasy,

The team from P.A.P.S. is on a mission to debunk, discover and dick out some hot ghost action! You never know where spirits will hide... in a closet, on a bed or possessing the body of a hot chick who must fuck!

This Ain't The Munsters XXX

Studio: N/A

Categories: Spoof, Fantasy, Feature, Pornstars, Hardcore,

If any porn performer was ever born to play Herman Munster, it's Lee Stone. The guy barely needs any fuckin' make-up for crissakes! Join Herman, the wife, the vampire uncle, that werewolf kid and the one "normal" in the group for 2 hours of the most horrifying fucking you'll ever see in your life!

The Marriage Counselor

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Fantasy, Couples, Pornstars, Hardcore,

Meet Helena (Kirsten Price) and Keith (Rocco Reed), a couple who have lost the once passionate spark in their love life. Realizing that they have to do something, they seek the help of a marriage counselor to rediscover their sexual chemistry. What they find is an often hilarious journey that leads them back on the path of sexual satisfaction. And in the end, a realization that love really does co...


Studio: N/A

Categories: Classics, Fantasy, Feature, Pornstars, Hardcore,

In a dark castle, far far away Ejacula lurks in the shadows. You won't want to miss this digitally re-mastered VCA classic! Lesbian lick fests, ball draining Bj's and ghoulishly gushing 11 vampire sex orgy, Ejacula isn't your classic "whor-er" film! With authentic European sets and Ron Jeremy as a horny hunchback, Ejacula is a sucking good time!

Predator 2: The Return

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Pornstars, Fantasy, Anal, Hardcore,

Reports of girls disappearing without a trace continue as rumors of a dark figure hiding in the shadows are whispered. Is there a psychopath on the loose or just urban legends or maybe something even more sinister prowling the night? In the sequel to her award-winning movie, Stormy Daniels reprises her role as a depraved collector of p*ssy with an insatiable lust for women. We pick up this twisted...

Batman Vs. Superman XXX: An Axel Braun Parody - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Spoof, Fantasy, Feature, Uniforms,

'It's the comic book porn showdown of the century! Legendary Director Axel Braun puts his sexy spin on the world's two most beloved superheroes as they battle each other in this Wicked mega-production. Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Maxima, Supergirl, and a bodacious Wonder Woman join an extraordinary cast of hot characters in this highly erotic and totally epic spoof. Two heroes will rise. And in more...

A Real Swinger's Orgy

Studio: N/A

Categories: Orgy, Extreme Hardcore, Feature, Fantasy,

Apparently everybody is doing it but who are THEY? A Real Swinger's Orgy pulls back the heavy velvet curtains on an underground polyamorous society that tantalizingly could contain your female doctor, your boss's wife or the young couple across the street. Featuring footage from a real swinger's party that took place in San Francisco with 80 amateur swingers and 20 porn stars get together to fuck...

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The Uranus Experiment 2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Fantasy, European, Pornstars, Hardcore,

More sexy shenanigans in outer space. This time the crew discover life on the planet Uranus, and how is life perpetuated on Uranus? From having alien sex of course! This second episode is packed with space age special effects, incredible sex scenes and also the beautiful Silvia Saint, who sends her fellow co stars into orbit by sucking their cocks. Theres also the first weightless orgy in space, w...

Time Travelling Orgies

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Orgy, Anal, Uniforms, Hardcore,

Experience raw sex like you're spinning through a wormhole in a spacetime relapse! Iconic sex from definitive periods of history! See the ancient imperials fuck fair maidens or a pharaoh blasting a desert goddess!

This Ain't Star Trek XXX #3: This Is A Parody - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Spoof, Fantasy, Uniforms,

'Worlds collide in this sexy and hilarious spoof of the popular sci-fi series!'


Studio: N/A

Categories: European, Fantasy,

Enter Cathula's castle at your own risk... An unsuspecting girl finds an amulet which leads her to Cathula's resting place. Once disturbed Cathula is awoken with one aim in life, to turn the world into VAMPIRES OF SEX. See the UK's number one porn-star CATHY BARRY get fucked in every hole and watch as she sucks down every last drop of a hunky stud's life juices. Then watch as Cathy fucks her way t...

This Ain't Star Trek XXX 2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Spoof, Pornstars, Fantasy, Hardcore,

Evan Stone reprises his award winning role as Captain Kirk in Hustler's sequel to their blockbuster parody. Stranded on a distant planet, the crew of the Enterprise are captured by sultry aliens. When the rescue mission goes awry, it's up to Kirk to charm his way into the heart and loins of the beautiful Alien Queen and save the day.

Peter Pan XXX - An Axel Braun Parody - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Uniforms, Feature, Threesomes, Spoof, Fantasy,

'Legendary director Axel Braun puts his sexy spin on the timeless story of Peter Pan in the fourth Wicked Fairy Tales release. Take a magical trip to Neverland with Wendy, Tiger Lily, and two very mischievous memaids as they help Peter fight the villainous Captain Hook and rescue Tinker Bell, played to perfection by Riley Steele. With an all-star cast, steamy sex, and the high production value th...

Man of Steel XXX : An Axel Braun Parody - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Fantasy, Spoof, Feature, Uniforms,

'Say goodbye to the dorky, fumbling Clark Kent of the '70s... Ryan Driller reprises the role that launched his career, but in his latest epic spoof, legendary director Axel Braun gives us an updated version of the classic all-American superhero. After a freak accident in which he kills Livewire, Clark leaves Lois, burns his costume and goes back to Smallville to rekindle his romance with Lana Lan...

The Order

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, European, Fantasy, Hardcore,

While this couple is on vacation, they unwittingly stumble into the sights of a very odd group of people. These people happen to be vampires, but not in the traditional sense. These vampires are more concerned with sucking a fat cock for a hot load of jizz on the face instead of what blood type is on the menu. They suck and fuck their victims mercilessly at the behest of their master. Things get a...

Perverted Stories #30

Studio: N/A

Categories: Extreme Hardcore, Fantasy, Uniforms,

"The latest edition of this freaky series picks up right where previous ones have left off -- with one scene after another of hair-raising hi jinx from some of the sexiest young women in the business. There's no other series that dares to indulge in the k

Boffing The Babysitter 7

Studio: N/A

Categories: Gonzo, Babysitter, Reality, Teens 18+, Fantasy,

When you get home from work and see what the babysitter is doing, you really can't be upset. After all, you hired her because she's cute! And when she innocently bends over and rubs her perfect ass against your crotch, you'll soon realize she took the job so she can get a big mouthful of cum from you every day! This truly is the best part of having kids.

The Bare Bitch Project

Studio: N/A

Categories: Hardcore, Pornstars, Fantasy,

A group of young couples receive an ancient icon from the lost "YouWannaMe?" Tribe. The relic transforms the women into bare bitches - insatiable sexual fuck queens craving multiple orgasms with multiple partners. As the Icon is passed from couple to couple, a ritual from the dawn of time is about to begin?.

Depraved Fantasies 2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Classics, Fantasy, Outdoors,

Introducing: Ginger Bush! I don't think we're in wonderland any more! Anal, DP, orgies, interracial and lesbian action take Alice places she has never been before! Watch and Learn!

Monster Tit Sex Zombies

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Big Tits, Fantasy, Pornstars, Hardcore,

Two zany doctors conspire to create the perfect woman in their laboratory. After complicated experiments with girl on girl, anal, and a raunchy three-way, the doctors finally perfect their recipe for the dream date: A Monster Tit Sex Zombie! These over-the-top, bra-busting babes will satisfy your double-D desires! Just what the doctor ordered!

25th Anniversary Exotic Erotic Ball

Studio: N/A

Categories: Public Nudity, Fantasy,

The Exotic Erotic Ball is part Mardi Gras, part burlesque, part rock concert, and lots of uninhibited fun. It's a celebration of human sexuality and freedom of expression. From the red carpet entrance to the elaborate costume contests at the end, it's truly the ultimate fantasy.

Cap'n Mongo's Porno Playhouse

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Hardcore,

Ahoy there! Grab hold of your chumbuckets, mateys, because it's time for Cap'n Mongo and his pint sized first mate, Chumley, to serve up another boatload of filthy fun for ye all! You'll thrill to Mr. Pantyhose and his "Tales of Sheer Madness!" You'll cheer as Fucko the Clown defiles two willing debutantes! You'll weep tears of joy as slutty Miss Yvette offers up her delicious hairpie to all comer...

Sex Slaves & Fairy Tales

Studio: N/A

Categories: Hardcore, Anal, European, Fantasy, Feature,

Shot on the Greek island of Mykonos, a group of horny and lonely fairies live in a secluded villa, waiting to trap men. Each man is entranced by the magical draw of the villa and once they enter, they are seduced by the anal sex obsessed fairies. Now trapped under their spell, each man becomes their possession and a marked sex slave in this horny fairy tale...

Dark Angels Disc 1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Feature,

An innocent woman (Jewel De'Nyle) is thrust into the sordid world of the undead when she witnesses a brutal homicide and inadvertently becomes the next target. Fearing for her life, she seeks the aid of a young detective (Dillion Day) only to find that there is no protection from those who stalk her. No refuge from the wrath of the undead nor their queen (Sydnee Steele). Her sleep becomes riddled...

ATK Freckle Fantasies

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, All Natural, Compilation,

Some girls call them freckles and others prefer to use "beauty marks", either way, having freckles is a genetic trait and so is nymphomania. Well these girls must've inherited both genes because all of our freckled face cuties can't get enough sex! They may look innocent, but don't let them fool you. They're dying to get their freckled fuckholes filled with fresh cum. Plenty of solo girl action wi...

The Uranus Experiment

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Fantasy, European, Hardcore, Pornstars,

Directed by John Millerman this is one of the most expensive porn movies ever made. The Uranus Experiment is a sexual adventure in deep, deep space and deep, deep pussy. Two space shuttles take off into orbit, one is Russian and the other American. They have to dock in space and, once linked together, travel to the seventh planet from the Sun, Uranus. However, the Russians have a secret mission to...

Avengers Vs X-Men: An Axel Braun Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Fantasy, Spoof, Uniforms,

"It’s the most anticipated superhero clash of the century…and it’s a porn parody! Legendary Director Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment proudly bring to life every porn loving comic-book geek’s wet dream in the Blockbuster ‘Avengers Vs. X

Depraved Fantasies 4

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fetish, Fantasy, Classics,

Shonnalynn is up to her ass in horny Stiffs & sexy Ghouls that are trying to penetrate her soul...via her asshole! Her soul is very deep! Don't miss this hot anal thriller!

It's A Secretary Thing

Studio: N/A

Categories: Uniforms, Fantasy, Pornstars, Hardcore,

Patrick Collins proudly presents, "It's a Secretary Thing", a collection of stunning superstars dressed up as seductive secretaries. Watch the curvaceous Shyla Stylez, alongside Jenaveve Jolie, Karlie Montana, Carli Banks, Ashley Blue, Evie Delatosso, and Jamie Lamore. It's a Secretary Thing is a depiction of fantasy role-playing at its best. In an industry that is over saturated with unoriginal c...

X-Men XXX: An Axel Braun Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Anal, Fantasy, Spoof, Feature, Uniforms,

'It was just a matter of time until mutants got the porn parody treatment, courtesy of legendary director Axel Braun and adult powerhouse Vivid Entertainment... and it was worth the wait! Wolverine, Rogue, Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, and Polaris join forces with Professor X to defeat the villains lead by Magneto, in yet another Braun masterpiece bound to become an instant c...

Britney Rears 3

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Spoof,

Dirty sex and foxy naked babes abound as Britney uses a 'time machine' to blast back into 1974 during this hilarious XXX adventure. Disco, soul and afros are in style as Britney's pink pussy is no match for the giant black cock of TV's Shafted. Serious sucking and funky screwing make this a porn-a-delic party!


Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Lesbian, Threesomes,

Where fantasy becomes reality. Vampiress is a mythilogical or folkloric revenants who subsist by feeding on the blood of the living. In folkloric tales, the UNDEAD Vampiress often visits loved ones and caused mischief or deaths in the neighborhoods they inhabited when they were alive. In modern times however, the vampire is generally held to be a ficticious entity... until now!

Kinky Sex Acts

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fetish, Gonzo, Fantasy,


Fat chicks, midgets, chicks with dicks, half man, half chicken...welcome to the world of kinky, bizarre, sex acts!

Busty Doctors

Studio: N/A

Categories: Big Butts, Fantasy, Nurses, Anal, M.I.L.F.,



Studio: N/A

Categories: Hardcore, Classics, Pornstars, Fantasy,

When Zane challenged Ashlyn Gere, the most highly charged sexual animal in adult video, to indulge her innermost fantasies, her response was, shall we say, most enthusiastic. But, what resulted surpassed even our deepest expectations. It seems that this sultry lady has an imagination matched only by her insatiable sexual appetite. Join Ashlyn on a non-stop roller coaster through her devilish psych...

Sleeping Beauty XXX - An Axel Braun Parody - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Outdoors, Feature, Threesomes, Spoof, Fantasy, Uniforms,

'Following the critical and commercial success of 'Snow White XXX: An Axel Braun Parody', Wicked Pictures proudly presents another classic fairy tale re-imagined by the legendary director. Featuring rising starlet Anikka Albrite as the doomed princess, and superstar Stormy Daniels in a powerhouse performance as Maleficent, 'Sleeping Beauty XXX: An Axel Braun Parody' is a dark, sensual and entici...

This Ain't Terminator XXX - This Is A Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Lesbian, Spoof, Threesomes, Feature, Uniforms,

'A horny cyborg is sent from the future to kill Sarah Connor, a young woman whose life will have a great impact on humanity in years to come. Thank fully, the terminator has one weakness: Pussy. 'From award-winning director Axel Braun comes a new hilarious 3D spoof that will once again raise the bar for porn parodies!'