Dana Vespoli's Lesbian Ass Worship #2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Teens 18+, Toys,

Magnificent hot dark haired babe and her hot brunette lover having a great time while fingering cunts.

Tiffany, Sexy Secretary

Studio: N/A

Categories: Anal, M.I.L.F., Threesomes, Toys, Lesbian, Double-Penetration,

Tiffany is clearly the perfect employee: hardworking, dedicated... And also very sexy. But like many, this young secretary is under professional pressure. And to remedy it, she is going to take a short and very sensual break, away from prying eyes... Well, that's what she thinks... Filmed without her knowledge, she finds herself dragged into a sexual blackmail that could make it lost her job an...

Girls World 2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Toys, Interracial, M.I.L.F.,

There's nothing quite as sensual as the flesh of 2 women rubbing up against one another. Only a woman truly knows how to make another woman cum - they just push the right buttons! 4+ hours of raw, wet and wild girl on girl action should be more than enough for you to get your rocks off.

Club Filly

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Hook up at Club Filly - the lesbian dance club so hot, everyone who gets in gets off!

Pretty Young & Tight

Studio: N/A

Categories: Big Cocks, M.I.L.F., Lesbian, Big Tits,

These young, tight, girls show you they can be beautiful but they can get down and dirty. Watch them take on these massive guys and show you just how Pretty Young & Tight they truly are.

Girls World 1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Interracial, Lesbian, Toys, Big Tits, M.I.L.F., Asian, Threesomes,

It's 4 hours of incredible girl on girl sex featuring 20 of adults hottest stars! 3somes, toys, interracial, black on black, Asian, ass play and much more except there are no dicks allowed!

Private Moments 113

Studio: N/A

Categories: Amateur, Lesbian, Masturbation, Hairy,

Scene 1: Malena pinches Willa's perky nipples. Willa takes her shirt off and squeezes her large breasts underneath her red bra."I love your bra.' Getting turned on, the girls take their knickers off. Malena plays with her full bush as Willa rubs her clit. Both girls, watch each other masturbate to orgasm. Scene 2: : 'I have small tits but they are very sensitive" Lera pulls her shirt up and sho...

My First Lesbian Sex Teacher 2

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It's time to watch the first time lezzies get their Cherries Popped by their experienced lesbian friends! Just like your first kiss, no one EVER forgets their FIRST Lesbian Sex Teacher! That special girl's girl gets you STEAMING HOT with her soft lips, and knowing fingers, leading you down Lesbian Lane, and then letting you take a turn driving . . . her crazy too AFTER she makes you dripping wet w...

Lily Cade's Dirty Picture

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Teens 18+, Hairy,

Scenes Include: Heidi Jenner & Lily Cade Ana Foxxx & Heidi Jenner Ana Foxxx, Heidi Jenner & Lily Cade Heidi Jenner & Lyra Law Lyra Law & Lily Cade

Call Me

Studio: N/A

Categories: Teens 18+, Lesbian,

A messy breakup, a new roommate and a secretive, sexy job all fit together perfectly in this sexily crafted feature from critically-acclaimed Wicked Pictures. Throw in a fuck buddy, impassioned "sweat-inducing" sexual chemistry, clever script and a "what'll she do?" finale, and it won't take long to realize that you picked up the right number with - Call Me!

My wife loves dicks

Studio: N/A

Categories: Outdoors, Lesbian, Toys, Anal,


Noelle is a frustrated mother. At 28, she can’t find pleasure fucking her husband anymore. To ward off that terrible curse she suffers, she decided to unleash her inner slut, and to fuck as much as she can, with men, women or both…

Young Harlots Best Of...

Studio: N/A

Categories: Teens 18+, Blowjobs, Anal, Threesomes, Double-Penetration, Lesbian, Toys, Pornstars,

Harmony Films presents this filthy anthology of teen sluts in Young Harlots Best of. Watch as these dirty debutantes love to take their teacher's cock into all their holes in this unashamed compilation. Over 3.5 hours of school girl fucking!! The ultimate lessons have been given, are you ready for a naughty detention?

Girl Girl Sex 235

Studio: N/A

Categories: Amateur, Lesbian, Interracial,

Scene 1: Right out of the shower, Alexandra approaches Chloe and interrupts her reading. Grabbing her book away, Alexandra's towel begins to slip, uncovering her pert breasts which she pushes together in front of Chloe's face while she passionately licks her nipples. Slowly undressing Chloe, Alexandra takes off her panties, revealing her perfectly shaved pussy as she slowly moves down in between h...

Girl Girl Sex 238

Studio: N/A

Categories: Amateur, Lesbian, Masturbation, Teens 18+,

Starring: Beatrix, Poppy B, Paulina, Emilia,

Scene 1: Gently moving her foot up, Paulina caresses the inside of Beatrix's thigh making her stop her reading and look back lasciviously. Sitting on top of Beatrix, Paulina squeezes Beatrix's big breasts as her hands tour Paulina's muscular body. Upside down on the armchair, Beatrix pulls her hips up as Paulina passionately moves her tongue all around her immaculate shaved vulva, dampening her vu...

Girl Girl Sex 239

Studio: N/A

Categories: Amateur, Lesbian, Masturbation,

Scene 1: Softly kissing Nichole's neck, Livia's hand go hp her hips, firmly lifting her big breasts while Nichole smiles as she gets more and more excited. As they begin to undress, Livia pulls Nichole's panties aside, uncovering her redheaded full bush, as Livia takes off her own, revealing her dark pubic hair herself. Laying down on the couch, Livia smiles as Nichole positions her curvy body on...

Girl Girl Sex 241

Studio: N/A

Categories: Amateur, Lesbian, Hairy,

Starring: Clarisa, Landra, Yasmeena, Emilia,

Scene 1: Leaning towards Landra, Emilia softly kisses her nose as her hand gently slides down in between her legs, caressing her shaved pussy from up her colourful panties. Slowly taking her panties off, Emilia rubs her finger's against Landra's labia and begins delicately fingering her. Passionately undressing each other, Landra turns Emilia around and rubs her breasts against Emilia's round bum....

Sweethearts Special Part 48: Real Orgasm

Studio: N/A

Categories: Teens 18+, Cumshots, Outdoors, Threesomes, Toys, Lesbian,


Such youthful beauty must be celebrated in full, explicit detail!

Stocking Seduction

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fetish, Pantyhose Underwear, Big Cocks, Lesbian, Toys,

5 exquisite scenes depicting the pure sensual seduction of a beautiful woman in stockings. Shot in the stylish Kendo way, the visual feast of lust and desire will fulfill you as we see 5 couples getting it on.

Girl Girl Sex 240

Studio: N/A

Categories: Amateur, Lesbian,

Starring: Beatrix, Nichole, Yasmeena, Thais,

Scene 1: Approaching Beatrix from behind, Thais slides one hand in between her legs, caressing her vulva as her other hand squeezes her big breasts before undressing her passionately. When the time comes to undress Thais, Beatrix pulls her panties firmly, making the fabric rub against her labia. Standing on all fours on the table, Beatrix looks back over her shoulder as Thais fingers her, and lick...

Girls World 3

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Toys,

Nothing pleases these horny sluts more than another girl's tongue sliding between their luscious lower lips Girls World # 3 porn. Such satisfaction can only come from sweet lesbian interaction! Four hours of sizzling girl on girl action! Girls World # 3.

Instant Attraction

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Outdoors, Teens 18+,

They knew they wanted each other the second that they laid their eyes on each other. These beautiful ladies wasted no time to indulge in love and sex at first sight. Witness the spontaneous passion unfold as these strangers share an unforgettable experience together for the first time!

Mother's Day #2 - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: M.I.L.F., Threesomes, Lesbian, Compilation,

'It's that special day of the year where MILFs all over the world are celebrated. Here at Wicked, MILF day is every day. A 4-disc set to keep you going on through the night.'

Clerks XXX - A Porn Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Feature, Threesomes, Spoof,

'Dana is unhappy with her station in life...and her job as a smut-jockey in a porno store. She's juggling with an ex who cheats and a new boyfriend who's sexuality is a bit more than she can handle. Now she's working on her one day off, dealing with smartass co-worker Randi, a riot of anti-condom crusaders, some customers who can't resist coming all over the peep booths, a gerbil-loving customer...

Daddy Made Me A Mommy Too

Studio: N/A

Categories: Pregnant, Reality, Teens 18+, Mature, Lesbian, Toys,

"Dear Diary - I haven't been home since I found out I was pregnant and totally planned on going it alone until the other day. I had this strange desire to return home to Daddy and I'm so glad I did. When I walked into his room, I found him banging some pr

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Keep Calm and Fuck Me

Studio: N/A

Categories: Outdoors, European, Threesomes, Orgy, Lesbian, Hardcore, Anal,

'Keep Calm and Fuck Me' is good advice from these cock hungry sluts. In six scenes including a full on orgy, cum see the best European talent of today. Private delivers these stunning stars at work, at play, sharing intimate details and just getting fucked hard and loving it. The question of whether adult actresses really enjoy sex on film is answered once and for all for your pleasure. The answ...

Poor Little Shyla

Studio: N/A

Categories: M.I.L.F., Teens 18+, Threesomes, Lesbian,

Being Challenged Has It's Rewards! Simply The Most Realistic Sex In Lesbian Adult Video!

Mother Daughter Exchange Club #25

Studio: N/A

Categories: Teens 18+, M.I.L.F., Lesbian,

Mothers Know Best! For Fine Folks With Good Heats And Curious Minds! Moms And Their Daughters Mix With Other Romance-Minded Mom-Daughter Pairs!

Mother's Forbidden Romances

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, M.I.L.F., Lesbian,

'Six tales of Forbidden Romances between people who should have never come together!'

The Preacher's Daughter - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Couples, Feature, Lesbian, Uniforms, Outdoors,

"Wicked Pictures and Award Winning Director Brad Armstrong bring you the dramatic story of Marissa (Mia Malkova) the 19 year old daughter of a small town preacher. She’s always been “Daddy’s little girl” and never been in trouble, that is, until she meet

Young Horse Riders

Studio: N/A

Categories: Uniforms, Outdoors, Feature, European, Threesomes, Teens 18+, Lesbian, Interracial, Couples,

'Get ready: these six stunning riders in school uniforms are going to give you a really hard time! Away on a horseback riding course during one week, Marion, Sophie, Emma and their friends are going to use the outing to the countryside to have sex with all the good-looking boys in the local area. You will quickly see that their sexual appetite has no limit… And there are plenty more exciting sur...

Russian Institute Lesson #22 - Medical Exam

Studio: N/A

Categories: European, Threesomes, Uniforms, Anal, Lesbian,

"The Russian Institute is abuzz with excitement. A young and sexy male doctor has just been appointed to the Institute, and all the female students in uniform can't wait to get to know him better. It’s time for some real competition: All the girls try to

Belladonna's Buttface - Disc #1

Studio: N/A

Categories: Big Butts, Lesbian, Rimming, POV,

Director/performer Belladonna has always been fascinated with ass. No stranger to the delights of anal worship, the tattooed lust goddess has created 'Buttface', a mind trip into the chemistry of face sitting, ass eating and smothering. When faces and big butts meet, it's a perverse treat! For her project, she's assembled a cast of the most renowned butts and faces and in the smut business, S...

Dani Daniels Dare

Studio: N/A

Categories: Threesomes, Lesbian, Gonzo, Pornstars,

Dani Daniels is one of the most beautiful and sensual stars ever! Now, for the very first time, watch her perform in stunning Boy/Girl scenes full of perversion, passion, and intense hardcore action.

Mother Daughter Exchange Club #22

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, M.I.L.F., Teens 18+,

Mothers Know Best! Moms And Their Daughters Mix With Other Romance-Minded Mom-Daughter Pairs!

Open Marriage

Studio: N/A

Categories: Couples, Lesbian, Interracial, Outdoors,

The rules are quite simple when it comes to an Open Marriage. If you love someone, let them fuck other people.

Homewrecking Babysitters #4

Studio: N/A

Categories: Babysitter, Teens 18+, Uniforms, Threesomes, Lesbian,

"When Lily gets caught eating forbidden candy, she has to become extra sweet! Things get interesting when the wife of the house catches Cadence sucking her husband's dick. Monica will do anything to save her job. Sally gets caught stealing jewelry and mak


Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian,

Five pairs of Curvaceous girls embrace to ring you the ultimate lesbian sexual encounters. Enjoy five tastefully crafted scenes that highlight each and every sultry curve. Elevate your senses with beautiful girls, tender kisses and intense female orgasms!


Studio: N/A

Categories: Anal, Couples, Double-Penetration, Interracial, Lesbian, Threesomes, Feature,

'Tommy and James are old college roommates who haven't seen each other in years. After splitting up with his wife, Tommy shows up on James' doorstep with a duffle bag, a forlorn look and no place to sleep. James and his girlfriend have a great little life and a great little home, but all that will soon change, as James learns that the oldest of friends can become the oddest of nightmares. Join Jam...

Family Ties and Little White Lies

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, M.I.L.F., Teens 18+, Feature, Reality,

'When sibling rivalry overrides moral boundaries!'

Women Seeking Women #82

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, M.I.L.F., Teens 18+,

Over 2 Hours Of Hot Sensual Lesbian Sex! Restless Hearts Searching For That One Perfect Woman! Beautiful Woman-Woman Sex Which Is Sure To Excite You!

My Cousin Is A Whore

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, European, Lesbian, Gangbang, Anal, Double-Penetration,

"Arriving in London for a family holiday, young Elise never expected that these few days would turn into a real week of pleasure. Her young English cousin, Milo, has been cheated on and dumped by his girlfriend Stella, and Elise will do everything she can

The Walking Dead - A Hardcore Parody

Studio: N/A

Categories: Double-Penetration, Anal, Fantasy, Lesbian, Spoof, Threesomes, Uniforms,

'After months in a hospital bed, County Sheriff Rick woke up from a coma and quickly realized the world had been overrun by zombies. One odd notion was especially troubling; These zombies are hungry for brains... and sex! A jizz shot was the only sure-fire way to return these undead creatures to the grave! 'Will Lori continue to band Shane or Rick? Will Michonne and Andrea finally fuck? Will...

Lesbian Seductions #33

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, M.I.L.F., Teens 18+,

Their sin is unconventional love! The revealing twisted road from desire to pursuit and surrender.

Whipped Ass - Sinn Sage & Lily Labeau

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fetish, Extreme Hardcore, Toys, S&M, Lesbian, Bondage,

Starring: Lily LaBeau, Sinn Sage,

Beat red ass. Kink Style. Lily is put to the test by Sinn.

Make Her Submit

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Toys,

"Not all girl on girl experiences are so sweet! Some girls are just as demanding as man!"

Lesbian Workout

Studio: N/A

Categories: Toys, Pornstars, Lesbian,

Adult entertainment studio, Club 59, has announced its new series, Lesbian Workout, featuring the performance of Sunny Leone, and an epic all star cast. The movie is directed by the AVN award winning, Mason, and features four visually stunning and extended workout scenarios.

My Busty Nurse

Studio: N/A

Categories: Big Tits, Lesbian, Nurses, Threesomes, European, Outdoors, Uniforms, Reality, Anal,

Welcome to this very special hospital, where all kinds of pleasures and debauchery are allowed! Doctors, surgeons and patients all caught the fever of lust the moment they saw these gorgeous nurses with their voluptuous breasts! In twos or threes, they offer you five hardcore scenes that will certainly raise your temperature…

18th Birthday Party

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Toys, Orgy, Teens 18+, Anal,

Ria (Anny Aurora) is about to finish high school and she turns 18 today; luckily she has a good group of friends who help this horny young nympho celebrate in style. Lady Dee and Cayla Lyons treat her to a large dildo, but the real gift is that they show her how to use it! This hot lesbian trio starts the party but it doesn’t end there, Belle Claire and Cayla Lions get their freak on during a DP f...

Lesbian Adventures Wet Panties Trib #2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fetish, Lesbian, Pantyhose Underwear,

Two explosive series become one in Sweetheart Video's "Wet Panties - I Love To Trib!" Watch today's hottest lesbian starlets get wet with desire and then trib their way to ecstasy. Sinn Sage has a crush on gorgeous roommate Isis Taylor, and sneaks into the curvy brunette's room to sniff her panties and masturbate on her bed. But when Isis returns home unexpectedly Sinn is made to confess her sha...

Lusty Busty MILFs On The Job

Studio: N/A

Categories: Big Tits, M.I.L.F., Feature, Lesbian,

These MILFs are hot, stacked and ready to take you on. Stand in the way and you will knocked out by an all MILF tour de force!

My Wife Is Cheating On Me

Studio: N/A

Categories: Couples, Lesbian, Orgy, Feature, Reality, Anal, Housewives,

'In a luxurious Los Angeles mansion, Rachel, a gorgeous brunette with incredible breasts, discovers that her husband Rick is regularly playing around, taking beautiful American girls up the arse and filming his sexual exploits. Shocked by the discovery, Rachel decides to take revenge. For the first time, she'll have a man other than her husband take her up the arse. In the video Rachel found, Ri...

Perfect Fit

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, M.I.L.F., Teens 18+, Fetish,

Fashion Sense Scheming Sex! Incredible Sexuality Emanates From These Gorgeous Women! They Happily Make Time For Each Other To Explore Their Urges And Slake Their Curiosity!