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Las Vegas Sex Trip

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Lesbian, Anal, POV, Threesomes, Interracial,

"Join the James Deen Productions crew on a behind the scenes, real-life sex adventure in the world famous, Sin City: Las Vegas. Witness all the fun, all the action, and all the crazy sex that goes down when the 'porn cameras' stop rolling, and the girls show off how they really like to fuck bombshell blonde. Marilyn Moore, takes James Deen in her mouth and ass, and keeps on fucking when the porn p...

Room Service and Blowjobs

Studio: N/A

Categories: European, Reality, Blowjobs,

When a powerful woman orders room service in her favorite five star hotel, she's not ordering for the fine cuisine. These women want a rock hard cock to treat them right, even if they have to give blowjobs to guarantee their ultimate satisfaction. This is FemDom at its erotic finest!

Daddy Made Me A Mommy Too

Studio: N/A

Categories: Pregnant, Reality, Teens 18+, Mature, Lesbian, Toys,

"Dear Diary - I haven't been home since I found out I was pregnant and totally planned on going it alone until the other day. I had this strange desire to return home to Daddy and I'm so glad I did. When I walked into his room, I found him banging some pr

My Mother Prefers Young Men

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Big Tits, M.I.L.F., Reality, Threesomes, European,

"Jane, a 40 something woman, works at home giving art classes. Her daughter Clara just turned 18 and has to go across the country to go to college. That leaves Jane plenty of time to fulfill her sex fantasies. Although she has a boyfriend her age, Jane p

Mother's Forbidden Romances

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, M.I.L.F., Lesbian,

'Six tales of Forbidden Romances between people who should have never come together!'

Hot Nights In Prison

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, European, Reality, Uniforms, Anal, Threesomes,

"Inside this very special prison, there is one simple rule: to have the right to orgasm, you must obey. When this innocent young woman first enters the prison walls she has no idea that she has just penetrated a den of pleasure and vice. The strict Anna P

Memoirs of Bad Mommies

Studio: N/A

Categories: M.I.L.F., Reality,

'Tales of Mothers crossing boundaries with the ones who trusted them the most. Two hours of seduction and deceit! 'From the masters of Taboo storytelling comes seven tales of unbridled passions. Twisted and perverted lust going unchecked!'

Educating Reeves

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Feature, Couples, European,

Carolin's rustic existence is shattered when petrol-head, Reeves, drives into her picturesque valley with the purpose of buying her land to build a raceway. Reeves soon discovers country girls are not the push-over he expected and Caroline shows him there is more to life then tarmac and throbbing engines...

The Masseuse #2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Feature, Couples,

Dim the lights, turn on the music, light the candles, and let your senses take over. When hands explore the curves of the body, let passion explore the pleasure of your core. Sweet Sinner brings you the second installment of one of the most sensual and intense series of erotica, with The Masseuse Vol. 2. When you enter the massage parlor, all inhibitions are left at the door. Relax, lie down, an...

Soccer Moms

Studio: N/A

Categories: M.I.L.F., Reality, Threesomes, Feature, Housewives,

Director Brad Armstrong brings together a collection of the hottest MILFs and Cougars in this light-hearted look at the ladies of Tyler Heights the sexiest soccer moms this side of the Mississippi. Follow them on their day-to-day rituals as they navigate their way through bake sales, hospital visits, piano lessons, minivan repairs, and of course soccer practice. Don't worry about these horny hou...

My Girlfriend's Mother #3

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, M.I.L.F., Reality,

Inari Vachs & Joey Brass! Stay-at-home mom Inari Vachs isn't so sure she approves of her daughter getting involved in a serious relationship in her first semester at university, but Alyssa convinces her mom to invite the young business student home for dinner. When Inari and her boyfriend, Nick, sit down with Alyssa and her boyfriend, Joey, a strained tension keeps Inari and Joey on edge. Did he...

Russian Institute: Lesson #18 - The Headmistress

Studio: N/A

Categories: European, Outdoors, Uniforms, Reality, Threesomes, Teens 18+,

'Welcome back to the Russian Institute, where the students are constantly horny, the teachers out of control, and the management particularly severe and vicious. The headmistress is a naughty dominatrix who rules the school with an iron hand. Fortunately, the students can rely on all the dicks around to fuck like crazy between lessons, and forget their problems in powerful orgasms.'

Family Cums First

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Teens 18+,

'Dear Diary, you'll never believe what I did yesterday... Cum is thicker than water! No more fantasizing, it's time to stop playing the 'what-if' game!'

The Babysitter #9

Studio: N/A

Categories: Babysitter, Feature, Couples, Reality,

'When his ex-wife leaves for an extended business trip, a community college P.E. teaches hires a cute neighbor girl to be a full-time baby sitter. The perky young woman agrees, but only if he can help her get on the college's tennis team, and soon the one-on-one coaching turns into a fiery love feast as the two discover their penchant for the erotic arts.'

My Daughter's Boyfriend 2

Studio: N/A

Categories: M.I.L.F., Reality, Gonzo,

Beautiful MILF Zoey Holloway is nearing middle age, and is having second thoughts about her life choices. When her grad school daughter Elexis comes home for the summer, Zoe is reminded of the paths not taken -- especially when she meets Elexis' new young boyfriend, Aiden Stone. Will Zoe's midlife crisis cause her to betray her long time marriage to Randy Spears? What kind of mother seduces her da...

My Mother's Best Friend 4

Studio: N/A

Categories: Fantasy, Gonzo, Mature, Reality,

In one of the most beautiful and cinematic erotic love stories ever to be told, legendary adult star Julia Ann is a beautiful but aging early 20th Century courtesan. When Julia's friend Nica expresses worry about her troubled son Xander, Julia offers to take the young man under her wing and help set him on the right track. But Julia soon discovers that Xander is not the innocent young lad she reme...

Orgy The XXX Championship 2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Pornstars, Orgy, Hardcore, Double-Penetration, Anal, Reality,

In a past directionship, a huge party is organized in honor of the leader to satisfy his perverse pleasures: threesomes, anal and double penetrations. A horny guide leads us to a party where strippers practice oral sex, double penetrations and lesbian shows. One question remains: Who is our mysterious guide? Gracie meets her fiancés friends. She goes to a big orgy. The prude Gracie discovers a bat...

Mother-Son Secrets

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, M.I.L.F.,

Stories of new mothers falling into forbidden romances! What really happens when father is away and only his wife and son are left home alone!

Family Ties and Little White Lies

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, M.I.L.F., Teens 18+, Feature, Reality,

'When sibling rivalry overrides moral boundaries!'

A Mommy Fixation #2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, M.I.L.F.,

'Young men lose control over their unnatural desires for the mature women in their lives in these taboo tales of unchecked lust!'

My Girlfriend's Mother #5

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Feature, M.I.L.F., Couples,

'A compulsive young surfer is having a rough time keeping his relationship going with his less adventurous girlfriend. But when he meets her mother, and discovers that the older woman has much more zest for adventure and sexual indulgence, he quickly becomes intrigued with her. When he catches his girlfriend making out with her mother's ex-boyfriend, their relationship comes to an abrupt end, lea...

My Submissive Secretary

Studio: N/A

Categories: European, Feature, Reality, Uniforms, Threesomes,

"With the help of Cara and her gorgeous friends, prepare to meet four secretaries with absolutely no boundaries! Modeling themselves on Cara, these assistants aren't just satisfied with being sexy, with their low-cut suits, subtly unbuttoned shirts, high

The Swinger

Studio: N/A

Categories: Threesomes, Feature, Couples, Reality,

James and Lily are a nice couple from the country in a bit of a sexual rut. When James gets called down to the big city to work at a fancy law firm, the two decide to see if L.A. can spice up their sex lives. But James' new boss, India, is much more than a sharp, power-hungry authoritarian. With eyes on the new guy and his sporty wife, she devises to send them off in a devious goose-chases of se...

My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother #3

Studio: N/A

Categories: Anal, M.I.L.F., Housewives, Reality,

'Like mother like daughter? ... not exactly. I've always been disappointed that my wife doesn't like anal, but I was shocked to find out her mother LOVES it. In fact, she'll do anything to get a big cock up her hungry butthole. That includes suducing by her own daughter's husband... that's ME! Yea, I'm fucked, I took the risk and got caught. But it was so fuckin' worth it!'

Father Figure #4

Studio: N/A

Categories: Couples, Feature, Reality,

'Four sexually charged young woman have a fascination with an older, mentoring, father-figure types. Presley Hart is attracted to her charming, sensitive Literature Professor; Jessa Rhodes succumbs to the charms of a charismatic political candidate. Natalia Starr is a rich, spoiled girl who finds a sensual friendship with the family chauffeur; and Vanessa Cage is a singer who makes amends after...

The Stripper

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Feature,

'Charlie plans to make an honest woman out of his girlfriend, May (Jennifer White), a former stripper. But when times get tight and stress levels heighten, people let their emotions get the best of them. Charlie’s thing for strippers risks returning, while Mary has some former clients who are always ready to let her be her true self. Sweet Sinner brings you The Stripper for the best in dramatic...

My Daughter's Boyfriend #6

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, M.I.L.F., Couples, Reality,

Nina once had it all: an exciting life jet-setting around the globe as a travel writer, until pregnancy ended her career. Eighteen years later, Nina's college-bound daughter Lexi finds herself in love, while Nina sits at home alone. When Lexi brings her new boyfriend, Xander, around for dinner, Nina' passion begins to stir for the rough mechanic and his charming smile. Sweet Sinner delivers more...

My Busty Nurse

Studio: N/A

Categories: Big Tits, Lesbian, Nurses, Threesomes, European, Outdoors, Uniforms, Reality, Anal,

Welcome to this very special hospital, where all kinds of pleasures and debauchery are allowed! Doctors, surgeons and patients all caught the fever of lust the moment they saw these gorgeous nurses with their voluptuous breasts! In twos or threes, they offer you five hardcore scenes that will certainly raise your temperature…

Forbidden Family Affairs #3

Studio: N/A

Categories: Teens 18+, Reality, Threesomes,

"Seduction. A game the whole family can play. Get ready for some intimate family bonding time."

Mother's Indiscretion

Studio: N/A

Categories: Threesomes, Reality, M.I.L.F.,

'Mistakes are made, boundaries are crossed and bonds of trust are shattered in these sexually dramatic stories of Mothers’ Indiscretions!'

Sibling Sex Stories

Studio: N/A

Categories: Teens 18+, Reality,

'Morality is blurred when temptation overrides judgment in these taboo stories of the dangers of blended families.'

Spring Break Fuck Parties #6

Studio: N/A

Categories: Threesomes, Teens 18+, Orgy, College Co-Eds, Outdoors, Reality,

'When was the last time you went to a party this good? Featuring 15 young hotties being bad as they want to be!'

Watch Me Fuck My Brother

Studio: N/A

Categories: Teens 18+, Threesomes, Reality,

"I was sitting on the couch the other day when my brother Taylor walked in. He seemed a little upset so I started trying to settle him down some. After a few minutes he confessed that he was still a virgin and really wanted to lose it. Since he had alread

My Daughter Is A Whore

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Teens 18+, Threesomes, European, Feature, Reality,

'Despite her young age, Lea is a real whore who knows no limits. Just like her mother... At just 19, Lea is already an expert in pleasure and a master of the art of seduction, right down to her fingertips. As soon as her father's back is turned, she throws herself at complete strangers and shows them the extent of her lustful talents. It is impossible to resist the advances of this young woman o...

Couples Seeking Teens #9

Studio: N/A

Categories: Couples, Teens 18+, Threesomes, Reality,

Jessie Wants On the Team! Pumping Riley's Bike! Lexi For Desert! Good Morning Ashlynn! Nadia Knows The Cure!Jessie is dying to join the soccer team, not so much to play ball, but to play with the married couple who coach the team. Ashlynn is sad because her boyfriend never showed up at the romantic bed and breakfast, but the owners are committed to ensuring her satisfaction. Rich fancy couples...

Real Amateurs Fuck For Dollars #6

Studio: N/A

Categories: Amateur, Teens 18+, Reality, POV,

"We want women to think of their pussies at ATM's!"

More Memoirs of Bad Mommies

Studio: N/A

Categories: M.I.L.F., Reality,

'Six stories of Taboo desires going unchecked. More twisted and perverted tales of Mothers making wrong decisions from the Masters of Taboo storytelling!'

Father Figure #3

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Feature, Teens 18+, Couples,

It isn’t being young and misunderstood, and when these girls lack direction and need some guidance, only an older man can lead them to the right path. They are your teachers, your neighbors, your best friend’s dads: they are father figures. Superstars Riley Reid, Maddy O’Reilly, Presley Hart and more engage in the forbidden relationships that break down generation gaps. These older guys might ju...

A Mommy Fixation

Studio: N/A

Categories: Threesomes, M.I.L.F., Reality,

'Young men lose control over their unnatural desires for the mature women in their lives in these taboo tales of unchecked lust!'

The Babysitter #7

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Babysitter, Feature,

Manuel is a recent widower who is having trouble getting back into his normal work routine. He hires Maddy to take care of his infant son and help around the house. Maddy’s committed to her boyfriend, who might just be stringing her along. As Manuel and Maddy open up to each other, their generation gap begins to close. Sweet Sinner brings you this tale of lonely souls and budding desire with rea...

Sins Of Our Fathers

Studio: N/A

Categories: Teens 18+, M.I.L.F., Reality,

'Some get caught and some don't in these twisted vignettes of Fathers wrongdoings and Mothers making them pay!'

The Japanese Wife Next Door

Studio: N/A

Categories: Lesbian, Asian, Feature, Housewives, Reality,

'A businessman's life is almost complete; all he needs is a wife. He meets two prospective women... But ends up marrying the one who's a secret nympho! Unable to satisfy her lust, the new wife seduces the rest of his family — including the businessman's sister and grandpa! 'Directed by “Mr. Pink,” Yutaka Ikejima, and starring the erotic bombshell, Reiko Yamaguchi, The Japanese Wife Next Door...

My Wife Is Cheating On Me

Studio: N/A

Categories: Couples, Lesbian, Orgy, Feature, Reality, Anal, Housewives,

'In a luxurious Los Angeles mansion, Rachel, a gorgeous brunette with incredible breasts, discovers that her husband Rick is regularly playing around, taking beautiful American girls up the arse and filming his sexual exploits. Shocked by the discovery, Rachel decides to take revenge. For the first time, she'll have a man other than her husband take her up the arse. In the video Rachel found, Ri...

My Wife Caught Me Assfucking Her Mother #2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Threesomes, M.I.L.F., Anal, Reality,

After years of trying to tap my wife's tight asshole, I finally gave up! Then her Mother told me she loves anal sex! What!? The next day she came up and grabbed my cock and said she needs a good, hard assfucking. Only problem is... if my wife catches me, I'm fucked! But at least I'll get some good anal!

Forbidden Affairs - My Wife's Sister

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Threesomes, Couples, Reality,

'Brianna gets tired of her life in Los Angeles and trying to be an actress. Harry is very suspicious of Brianna’s intent on coming home; he definitely thinks that she’s up to something. Mean while all this is going on and Harry is starting to look at Brianna in a very sexual way. Pete brings up the idea that maybe he should just do both of them at the same time. Will Harry take Pete’s advice and...

Pearl Necklace

Studio: N/A

Categories: European, Feature, Uniforms, Lesbian, Couples, Big Tits, Reality,

'When a maid working for Lord and Lady Shadwell is unfairly sacked, she plots sweet revenge by robbing her detestable former employers of their priceless heirloom.'

Mother-Son Secrets #3

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Threesomes, M.I.L.F., Lesbian,

'More forbidden tales of what really happens when Father is away, and only his wife and his son are left home alone!'

My Daughter's Best Friend POV

Studio: N/A

Categories: Teens 18+, POV, Reality,

Being a dad can sure have its frustrations. Such as your daughter having her friends prancing around in their skimpy underwear. Watch what happens to the little cock teases. Four scenes of your daughter's best friends fucking and sucking you POV Style so you can be apart of the action!

The Stepmother #9

Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Feature,

'Emma has a dark secret. Her fiancée -- an older, distinguished gentleman -- doesn't know anything about her salacious past. But when his son meets his soon-to-be-stepmother, he recognizes her at once: a sultry escort who goes by the online-name of Sabrina. While Emma tries to leave her tainted past behind, her stepson sucks her back into a relationship of deceit, betrayal and sexual intrigue. St...


Studio: N/A

Categories: Reality, Feature, Lesbian, Couples,

'Tony and Cora always wanted the perfect family, but instead they got the one they got. Tony, a stern taskmaster…Cora, his equally taciturn wife…their eldest daughter Bitty who cheats on her psychologist husband…and their adopted son Jim, a cross-dressing, live-at-home sex addict. And then there’s youngest daughter Gloria, the only hope of giving Tony and Cora a ‘normal’ family. Gloria is set to m...