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Porn Star Byron Long is one of the most prolific studs in hardcore history. A lean, well-muscled black stallion, Byron Long has turned his massive member and reliable performance skills into a lengthy and lucrative carnal career. He's a soft-spoken stud, one who lets his sexing do his talking for him. Often sporting short dreadlocks, Byron Long's sleepy-eyed, understated demeanor has worked its magic in over 500 features. Byron Long first got into hardcore in 1995. He broke into porn in a string of low-budget quickies, slowly making a name for himself with his tireless woman-pleasing. Within a couple of years of his debut, Byron Long was one of the busiest men in porn. He's a regular in lots of black-themed series, including 'Black Knockers' and 'Bootylicious.' He also appears often in the 'Black Beach Patrol' line, a trend he kicked off with 'BBP 1,' where he hooked up with Naomi in a blistering beachside bangtango that brought out the best in his naturally buxom partner. He also turned out Sirena and luscious Lil' Ass in that flick, evidence of his unflagging erotic energy. Byron Long's best performance has got to be his wacky turn as the title character in 'Austin Prowler.' The 'Austin Powers' knock-off finds Byron sporting a silly afro wig and spouting lots of wacky punchlines. He proves that he's got a knack for light comedy as well as hardcore action, cementing his reputation as one of the most talented black studs in the business. Of course, he also knocks back stellar sessions with Erica and Envy in the flick's hottest sex scenes. Other top Byron Long performances include his work in 'My Baby Got Back 12,' where he joins gorgeous Dee for a fiery fling. In 'Taboo 19,' Byron Long hooks up with Chloe in a wild-eyed romp, while in 'Voyeur 17,' he joins some white guy and beautiful black starlet Chocolate for an extremely erotic tussle. Byron Long hasn't turned himself into a full-fledged porn director like so many of his fellow studs. He has helmed a pair of episodes of his own series, 'Around the Way Girls.' In these, Byron presents women who he calls average, everyday gals of the sort anyone might find in their local bars or clubs. He puts these porn first-timers through their paces in some wonderfully steamy scenes. It's performing that Byron Long truly loves, though. He continues to crank out the sex scenes and is currently considered the busiest black man in the industry. As long as his motor keeps humming along, there's no reason to think that Byron Long can't keep up his wanton work for years to come. Female porn fans and his come-hither co-stars certainly hope he does.


Born: 1969-05-10

Height: 183

Measurements: 75

Weight: 75







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