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Denise K

Name: Denise K

Aliases: Deniece K., Denise K., Denise Klarskov, Denice K., Denice Klarskov, Denise Kiarskov, Denise Klasko

Birthday: 1986-04-18


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birthplace: Denmark

Nationality: Denmark


Size: 24

Height: 157

Weight: 50

Feet: 0


Hair: Blonde



About Denise K

Denice Klarskov (born April 18, 1986 in Denmark) is an international pornstar. Sometimes credited as Denice K. she is currently living in Denmark, and is filming and doing photo shoots all over the world. At this time she is rapidly breaking into the mainstream U.S. porn business and is also doing internet work. She has appeared in about 40 American movies in a little less than 2 years. Denice had many dreams as a child. At first, she wanted to become the first Danish female pro skateboarder, but had no actuall talent at it. She then wanted to become a pro wrestler (due to her brother working for a promotion in Denmark) but she broke her tail bone and quit. She then wanted to be like her idol Kurt Cobain and started a grunge band. After about six months, she gave that up and diagnosed herself a nymphomaniac, that's when she decided to get into the porn business. Denice has won many awards and has posed for many adult magazines all around the world, which is very surprising in her short career. Especially her American Awards due to the fact, up to date, she's only starred in less than 50 movies. Many American movies she has starred in have also won awards the past two years and there is talk she may be nominated for 3 individual AVN awards for the upcoming 2007 ceremony. Denice received her American citizenship when she was 16. Denice recently started her own production company. Denice has also stated, on several occasions that she has lost her virginity when she was 12 birthday, while at bording school. Eventhough she currently lives in Denmark, she spends a majority of her time in Pennsylvania where she was rumored to be dating a member of the CKY Crew, Brandon Novak, But in a September 8, 2006 interview with a Danish adult magazine she had cleared the rumor, by stating that she hangs out with the crew but is currently dating another Delaware Valley pro skaterboarder named Joe Weber (childhood friend of CKY), where she is also currently staying with him in Blackwood, New Jersey. The two currently share a couple of apartments also. One in Portland, Maine and the other in Seattle, Washington. In a couple of interviews she explained that many people from both her home country and America were getting her romantic life all mixed up, adding in her own words that "due to Novak and Weber having rather large and similar noses, not to mention that all skateboarders in that area look like brothers and dress alike to her." October 2006 - Denice is now currently single after a mutual break-up with pro skateboarder Joe Weber in order for him to concentrate more on his recovery from an eight years of drug addiction. She says that they are still friends, and still share an apartment but due to both travel schedules they hardly see each other.

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