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Julian St. Jox is a hard-working do-it-all stud who ranked as one of the busiest men in the business throughout most of the 1990s. He's a well-built black stud whose body tends more towards doughy than muscle-bound. Julian comes across as one of the more fastidious men in the industry, sporting a well-groomed little moustache and a close-cropped hairdo that never seems to get mussed. With his light-skinned good looks and aura of sophistication, Julian often lands roles that call for a certain debonair charm. Born on September 4, 1966, Julian served in the military during the late 1980s as a member of the Army's Airborne Rangers. Upon leaving the service and entering civilian life, he discovered that his job tending bar was barely covering his rent. He began dabbling in hardcore in late 1991 and quickly found that being an on-screen stud was to his liking. Within a couple of years Julian had established himself as one of the hardest working, most reliable male performers on the scene. During the middle part of the 90s, Julian was the off-screen beau of porn firecracker Janet Jacme. The two turned in a string of incendiary scenes together, most often with a definite back door focus. Perhaps their best flick together is 'Girlz In Da Hood 3,' a quite solid plot-driven feature in which they both get in some great grinding. 'Booty Sister' is another wanton winner, as Julian and Janet are joined by T.T. Boy for some raucous threeway romping. The pair broke up towards the end of the decade and Julian hooked up with Tye (sometimes known as Olivia). She's a floppy breasted sweetie with luscious natural curves, and the pair sizzled their way through a bawdy bunch of on-screen trysts. Among the best of their amorous encounters is their torrid tussle in 'Freshman Fantasies 5.' Tye and Julian hooked up in the back seat of a car for some very public passion play -- you can see folks walking by and peeping in the windows as she works him over in a voracious, orally magnificent sequence. The couple's work together in 'Butt Row Outcasts' also shines, as they join Shawna Valentino for a blistering threesome. Julian's very much the do-anything type of porn stud, and can often be found popping up in gang bang flicks or off-beat niche videos. From 'Weed's Black Gang Bang Patrol 3' to 'Titanic Orgy' to 'Ultimate Squirting Machine,' Julian's done it all in this business. He's turned in over 800 hardcore appearances so far and shows few signs of slowing down. Julian's also directed a couple of flicks, including 1996's 'Freaky Tailz.' Still, it's as a hardcore stud that he's best known, and his tireless, always passionate work never fails to bring out the best in his female partners.


Born: 1966-09-04

Height: 185

Measurements: 0

Weight: 0







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