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For someone who was only in the business for a little over a year and a half, this was one busy woman. Between 1987 and 1989 she appeared in well over 75 features, changed her name numerous times and enlarged her breasts once. Then she retired. But the woman best known as Porn Star Laurel Canyon won over legions of fans during her short stint in hardcore, and it's easy to see why. From her earliest supporting roles through her later starring vehicles, Laurel Canyon was an absolutely scorching sexual performer who could wear out even the hardiest of studs with her insatiable carnal hunger. The fact that she was a great-looking blonde didn't hurt, either. Originally, Laurel Canyon's 5'5' frame was home to a scrumptious, youthful body -- small breasts and hips and an amazingly tiny waist. Late in her career, she added a pair of large fake boobs, giving in to the prevailing trend among porn starlets. Laurel Canyon was on the fast track to superstardom when she abruptly left the business, having parlayed her talents from small bit parts to full-bore box-cover starlet. Industry rumors pegged her retirement as caused by an injury suffered during an anal sex shoot, but this has never been confirmed. Laurel Canyon was the definition of a scene-stealer, a woman you couldn't keep your eyes off of whenever she was on-screen -- and no matter what other bigger name actresses were also on the bill. Laurel Canyon's career was short but indeed very sweet for porn fans, and her films are still among the briskest sellers of all the 80's stars.


Born: 1964-08-13

Height: 163

Measurements: 0

Weight: 0







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