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Leah Luv | Pornstar Bio

Name: Leah Luv

Aliases: Leah Love

Birthday: 1984-07-28


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birthplace: Long Beach, CA

Nationality: United States


Size: 24

Height: 168

Weight: 52

Feet: 5

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde

Pierced: Navel


About Leah Luv

Leah Luv is perhaps best known for her fetishistic portrayal of the Catholic school girl. She started acting in porn at the near perfect age for this: 19. Currently she performs exclusively for Anarchy Films, but started her career working for director Ed Powers of World Modeling. Leah has confirmed that she is bisexual. Known to work in the harder side of the hardcore spectrum, she has done full vagina fisting and double anal penetration.

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