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Lexi Cruz | Pornstar Bio

Name: Lexi Cruz

Aliases: Lovely Lexi

Birthday: 1984-08-12


Ethnicity: Black

Birthplace: San Diego, CA

Nationality: United States


Size: 24

Height: 175

Weight: 66

Feet: 0

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown

Pierced: Navel, tongue, lower lip


About Lexi Cruz

Porn Star Lexi Cruz is a petite bundle of erotic energy who has been lighting up the black video scene since late 2003. She's a rail-thin little lust bunny whose tiny frame is home to some delectable natural assets. From her small but natural breasts to her tremendously tight backside, Lexi's body is breathtakingly lean and undeniably alluring. Lexi sports some long cornrows, and has a cute face with a pair of dark eyes that hint of sensual shenanigans and lusty late nights. She made her debut in 'Black Cheerleader Search 61', taking on some lucky stiff in a sizzling one-on-one encounter that left her totally breathless. Since then, she's gone on to star in a smattering of salacious sexvids, each one more scorching than the last. Among Lexi's best flicks is 'Real Sexxx Letters' in which she joins Hamilton Steele for a slow-burning grind. The chemistry between the two is undeniable, and they go at it in a slow, caringly carnal scene that builds to an explosive finale. It's a scene that shimmers with the rhythms of real life, a scene that delivers plenty of heat while never delving into out-there antics or nastiness. Other great scenes include Lexi's lusty liaison with Tyce Bune in 'I've Never Done That Before 15', and her steamy one-on-one while wearing a nurse's uniform in 'Ebony Nurses 3'. For sheer sexual frenzy, check her out in 'Black Cheerleader Gang Bang 5', in which she takes on a trio of studs in a slam-bang session that leaves everyone present completely worn out. Lexi Cruz may only have a handful of flicks to her name, but each one sparkles with the enthusiasm and energy of a gal who's having a raunchy good time. Anyone into scrumptiously thin, high-energy black beauties will definitely want to give her a look.

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