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Sexy Porn Star Lexi Erickson is one of the wildest of the 90's blonde strumpets, turning in one frenetic, room-rattling performance after another. Lexi Erickson's an extremely hot young lady with a facial look that's reminiscent of late porn queen Shauna Grant. Lexi Erickson's got the same wide-mouthed, midwestern look about her, with a glint in her eye that lets you know she's not as innocent as she may seem. And her body is the kind of super-stacked, round-butted wonder you would expect in a pornstress this popular. Lexi Erickson's been on the fast track to porno stardom since early 1996, showing up in lots of pro-am and mainstream hardcore. Lexi Erickson started out in flicks like Ed Powers' 'More Dirty Debutantes 54' and 'Pick-Up Lines 5,' both of which showcase Lexi Erickson in all her brazen sexual glory. Lexi Erickson loves oral sex, and watching her wrap her lips around a huge stud is a sight to behold. Some of Lexi Erickson's best work so far can be found in Tom Byron's 'Cumback Pussy 2' and 'Lollipop Shoppe,' a flick that really shows off her mouthy talents. She also has turned in some red-hot lesbian scenes during her brief career, sparkling in all-girl lusters like 'Young and Natural 21.' Lexi Erickson continues to be one of the hardest working women in the biz, and 1997 promises a spate of scorchers from a woman who's rapidly becoming one of the favorite blondes on the scene.


Born: 1973-02-23

Height: 165

Measurements: 54

Weight: 54







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