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Lisa Lipps


Porn Star Lisa Lipps may be in her name, but that's definitely not the body part that springs to mind when you first look at Lisa Lipps. She's a thick-bodied bleach blonde with a set of hugely enhanced breasts. When she's wearing a shirt, Lisa Lipps looks like she's smuggling small watermelons, but when the shirt comes off you realize that those melons are hers. If you can pull your eyes away from Lisa Lipps' front end, you notice a pretty woman with a nice, thick-lipped mouth and a smouldering quality lurking just behind her eyes. Lisa Lipps is one of the top strippers currently touring the States, and her humongous boobs are the main reason why. Lisa Lipps got into the porn racket a few years ago to augment her already hefty performance fees. Lisa Lipps proved to be a wild sexual performer who brings a full-bodied appetite for sex to her roles that other big-boobed performers often lack. She's been in primarilly lesbian and solo scenes, but Lisa Lipps has been known to take on men on-camera as well. Maybe Lisa Lipps top sex scenes can be found in 'Freaks of Leather,' where she engages in a chesty encounter with Wendy Whoppers before the two well stacked women bring in Bruce Lei for a scorching three-way. Bruce Lei is almost overwhelmed by the four mammoth mams, but somehow finds his way to bring both women to shattering climaxes. Lisa Lipps' enthusiastic sexuality promises to keep her at the top of the list of enormous breasted women in porn.


Born: 1966-10-22

Height: 168

Measurements: 65

Weight: 65







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