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Porn Star Liza Harper is another recent import from France who has taken the Stateside porn world by storm. She's a freckle-faced brunette with a very lovely, very natural body and one of the prettiest smiles in the biz. And when the going gets sexy, Liza Harper smile turns quite lascivious, indeed. She's an extremely enthusiastic porn starlet who jumps into any encounter with both feet . Liza Harper exhibits a real love of sex that is evident in every scene she sweats her way through. Liza Harper made her way to the States in late 1995 and quickly leapt into the pro-am video industry, churning out loads of sexy video before she'd even really had a chance to get accustomed to her new surroundings. Her early work set the stage for her career -- Liza Harper showed that she's into all sorts of wild sexual situations, and she's especially apept at handling huge studs in awesome anal action scenes. Check out her erotic trysting with Dick Nasty in 'Fashion Sluts 4' or her luscious romp with Mark Davis in Nasty Nymphos 11' for a taste of Liza Harper at her pro-am best. She's since moved on to bigger productions, and in 1996 appeared in several big-budget hits like 'Pure.' One of Liza Harper's most wild performances can be found in 'Rebecca Lord's World Tour: French Edition,' where her pair of nasty group scenes steal the sexual show from even the delicious Ms. Lord. Liza Harper seems a sure bet for even bigger things in the coming months and years.


Born: 1976-03-21

Height: 168

Measurements: 51

Weight: 51







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