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Marc Wallice | Pornstar Bio

Name: Marc Wallice


Birthday: 1950-10-03


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birthplace: USA

Nationality: United States


Size: 0

Height: 178

Weight: 83

Feet: 12

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown



About Marc Wallice

[Marc Wallice (aka: Mark Wallace, Marc Gold, Mark Goldberg, Jay B. David, Don Webber (gay), born: Oct. 3, 1959, Ethnicity: White. Active as a performer: 1982-1998; While active with the Aids Virus in his system and highly HIV *positive... Marc Wallice had worked with Barbara Doll, Brooke Ashley, Caroline, Delfin, Jordan McKnight, & Tricia Devereaux all in unprotected an-l scenes using none of the safe adult practices listed above, and all of these performers tested positive for HIV. Tricia Devereaux admitted at the meeting in front of about 200 industry people that she had tested positive for HIV. Previously Marc Wallice tested using the Eliza. The industry switched tests from Eliza to PCR-DNA in April 1998. Then Marc Wallice took the PCR-DNA test and tested positive. On Marc Wallice's PCR-DNA April 30, 1998 Positive HIV Infection Test Result: the cell counts suggested he had been positive with the infection for approximately a year. Marc Wallice had performed in over 1000 films and started out as a gay male/male performer. By the way, Marc Wallice had worked in the 1985 film "Scandal In The Mansion" with *John Holmes (who died of Aids/HIV in late 1988), Craig Roberts (who also worked with Desiree Lane), Bunny Bleu (+ with her in ten other films), Heather Thomas (+ with her in one other film), Helga Sven (+ with her in one other film), & Lisa DeLeeuw (who died of Aids/HIV 1993), and these performers worked together with each other. More recently, Marc Wallice worked with Bunny Bleu in the 1995 film "An-l Centerfold." Strangely, these were too far apart from when Marc Wallice was positive for Aids/HIV. Transs-xual Caroline had worked with Marc Wallice in Anabolic Video 1997's "Gang Bang Girl 22" performing an-l DP. Caroline was also diagnosed HIV positive 1998. It is more likely that Caroline infected Marc Wallice than Marc Wallice having infected Caroline.

1990 AVN Best Group Sex Scene - Video for Gang Bangs II[11] 1992 XRCO Best Actor (Single Performance) for House of Sleeping Beauties[12] 1993 AVN Best Group Sex Scene - Video for Realities 2[11] 1993 XRCO Male Performer of the Year (Body of Work)[13]

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