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Nina Whett | Pornstar Bio

Name: Nina Whett

Aliases: Nena Whett, Nina Whitt

Birthday: 1969-01-13


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birthplace: Montana, MT

Nationality: United States


Size: 25

Height: 167

Weight: 59

Feet: 0

Eyes: Green

Hair: Blonde



About Nina Whett

A down and dirty sexual performer who never shied away from action at its rawest, Porn Star Nina Whett was one of the hardest working sex kittens on the late 90's scene. A platinum blonde strumpet with a somewhat thick body and a fantastic set of 39" breasts, Nina Whett's appeal rested on her eager, enthusiastic personality. She threw herself into her sex scenes with the aplomb of someone who truly enjoyed what she was doing, and the fervor she brought to her work always translated into fun-to-watch hardcore hi jinx. Nina Whett first got into the skin biz in 1990, landing a job as a stripper and oil wrestler in San Francisco. After a few years of this, Nina Whett got into wrestling. She worked for four years in that scene, touring with all-girl wrestling shows like G.L.O.W., B.L.O.W., and California Wow. It was Nina Whett's extracurricular activities with her husband that first got her into porn. She and he had shot some B & D photos and posted them on the Net, where they were spotted by porn producer Regan Senter. He contacted the couple, and soon Nina Whett was shooting her first hardcore flicks. She wasted no time in showing the world that she had the skills to pay the bills. Nina Whett steamed her way through a string of pro-am flicks during late 1997, including a feverish turn in 'Fresh Flesh 6.' Nina Whett totally lost herself in the scene, which built to a shattering rear entry finale. It wasn't until Nina Whett began working in down and dirty, fully professional features that she really hit her stride, though. Nina Whett was at her best when the sex was at its raunchiest, as her stellar work in 'Sodomania 29' shows. Tice Bune joins her for a riveting back door boff that brings out the beast in our feisty femme fatale. Nina Whett's raucous, sex-crazed persona made her a favorite at Extreme Associates, for whom she shot lots of lust-filled liaisons. One of her best is 'Filthy Lil' Porn-A-Bees 2,' where she showed off some impressive oral skills during a blistering segment with Van Damage. Nina Whett also joined Van in a memorable outing from 'Night Stalker,' turning in a high energy performance that ranks among her most unbridled ever. Nina Whett could be just as hot and spicy when matched up with women. A great example of Nina Whett at her girl-groping best can be found in 'Four Finger Club 6,' where she hooks up with sweet Cherry Mirage in a sensually charged workout. And Nina Whett's girl/girl fiesta with Vivi Anne in 'Austin Prowler' is another unforgettable romp. Nina Whett left the scene in 2000, after blazing her way through over one hundred features. While maybe not the best looking woman to ever grace a porno screen, Nina Whett's exuberance and energy always made her a welcome addition to any hardcore cast. She currently spends most of her time pursuing her singing career -- she's the front woman of the appropriately name band Porno Whore. Her success in that field will go a long ways toward determining if we'll ever see Nina Whett on a porn set again.

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