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Rachel Ashley


Porn Star Rachel Ashley's a hard-working starlet of the mid-1980's; a woman with huge breasts and an earthy, natural sex appeal that was totally unforced. Rachel Ashley's a stunning brunette with a disarming smile, jiggly butt, and the afore-mentioned humongous hooters. She became a fan favorite soon after her 1983 debut in 'Fleshdance.' Rachel Ashley's sexual style was more understated than the typical porn starlet's, as it took her a while to get worked up. Her slow-burn style of sexing was quite arousing in its naturalness. You really got the sense that you were watching a real person there on screen, not some over-emoting scream queen. Once Rachel Ashley got into her work, she was as sultry a woman as has ever appeared in hardcore. Her most acclaimed performance was in the classic 'Every Woman Has a Fantasy,' a film in which she insinuated herself into the fantasies of everyone who has ever watched it. Rachel Ashley retired in 1989, but she's still a sentimental favorite of erotica fans. A voluptuous woman with real charisma!


Born: 1964-07-04

Height: 178

Measurements: 0

Weight: 0







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