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Scarlett Pain

Name: Scarlett Pain

Aliases: Tat Queen, Melissa Punk, Suicide Scarlett, Zoe Fire, Atomic Scarrlett, Atomic Scarlett

Birthday: 1981-12-18


Ethnicity: Caucasian

Birthplace: Bayside

Nationality: United States


Size: 26

Height: 157

Weight: 51

Feet: 7

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Red

Pierced: Big plugs in her stretched earlobes, numerous helix piercings, two labrets on her lower lips, each nostril pierced, one tongue, one piercing in each nipple

Tattoos: Pistol pointing to her clit on lower stomach, as well as a flower, right wrist and shoulder, foot, sleeve on left arm, tribal on small of back, jessica rab

About Scarlett Pain