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Porn Star Suzi Suzuki is a multi-faceted starlet who has her hands in lots of different projects. Suzi Suzuki's a fashion model, a singer who has released several CD's, a stripper and an erotic film star. Suzi Suzuki is best known to porn fans as one of the wildest, wickedest sexual performers of the 90's. Her lean and lusty looks may catch your eye, but it's her unflappable sexual energy that will keep you coming back for more. Suzi Suzuki was born on May 3, 1972 in Tokyo, Japan. As a child she lived in Germany for four years before moving back to her native Japan. Suzi Suzuki started singing while in her teens and was good enough to win a chance to study jazz in New York City. It was while studying and working part-time at a karaoke bar that Suzi Suzuki spotted an ad in the paper looking for figure models. Her English wasn't so great, but when she got to the photo shoot it soon became clear what the photographer wanted of her. Suzi Suzuki was initially a bit shocked, but soon gave in to her curious side. Within months, she was one of the biggest Asian nude models around. Suzi Suzuki decided to try her hand at hardcore after meeting pornster Jamie Gillis, who convinced her that she had what it takes to make it big in porn. Suzi Suzuki shot a handful of pro-am tapes like 'More Dirty Debutantes 41' and soon was sweating her way up the porn ranks with a vengence. Suzi Suzuki's a truly wild woman who revels in groups, anal scenes, lesbians romps -- you name it, Suzi Suzuki's done it and loved it. Suzi Suzuki continues to be one of the top draws on the strip circuit when she's not busy filming more spicy videos.


Born: 1976-07-03

Height: 163

Measurements: 50

Weight: 50







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