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Porn Star Tammi Ann is a spunky, sexy little actress who can charm the pants off of any co-star. She's a complete cutie, a tiny little thing who exhibits a real knack for stealing the show in whatever film she appears in. Tammi Ann has that erotic waif look -- a slim, awesomely thin little body with a tiny butt and breasts. Dirty blonde hair frames Tammi Ann's instantly lovable face, with its infectious smile and bright, sparkling eyes. This is one waif with a difference, though. Tammi Ann confounds those who would judge her on her innocent looks by being one of the hottest, most sexually adventurous porn queens around. Her red-hot, animalistic sex scenes have evoked comparisons to Debi Diamond at her rawest, which is saying something, indeed. Tammi Ann's willingness to go where most porn queens fear to tread is made all the more exciting by the utterly natural way in which she does it. She's got a natural charm and easy-going manner that makes even the kinkiest, rawest sex acts seem positively normal. And for her, they are. Some of Tammi Ann's best work can be found in the outrageous 'Anal Adventures of Max Hardcore 5: Video Games' and the Tarantino take-off 'Reservoir Bitches.' Tammi Ann's the girlfriend of porno producer/director Al Borda, and some of her most over-the-top work can be found in his features Al Borda's 'Major F***ing Slut' stands as one of her absolute career highlights. She left the scene in late 1996, but can still be spotted stripping in clubs across the nation. Watching Tammi Ann sweat and grind her way through a scene is one of the real treats of 90's hardcore, and when she's at her best, there are few who've ever been better.


Born: 1971-10-04

Height: 168

Measurements: 51

Weight: 51







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