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Porn Star Tiffany Storm was a Latina love doll in the mold of Keisha, a brash and bold sexer with a lush body and a need for sex at its rawest. Tiffany Storm's body was pure erotic eye candy, a 34D-24-33 sex machine that was a magnificent marvel to watch in action. She never saw a sex act she wouldn't try and was known throughout the business as one of the hardest-charging Latina lovers around. Born in 1963, Tiffany Storm broke into porn in late 1985, and within a year was one of the hardest working women on the scene. It seemed that each week brought a new video featuring Tiffany Storm and her unmatched erotic allure. She never landed many starring roles, and spent her career relegated to supporting her bigger named co-stars. That didn't dampen Tiffany Storm's enthusiasm for her work, however -- it just made her try that much harder. Tiffany Storm was a do-anything wild woman who had a special fondness for interracial sex. Check her out in 'The Adventures of Dick Black, Black Dick' or 'Black Lava' to see just what we mean. Group sex was another specialty of this hot tamale, and she could often be found in the middle of a wildly writhing mass of flesh. Tiffany Storm was often miscast as an Asian woman, which is hard to fathom because she definitely looked every bit the Latina lust bunny that she was. Tiffany Storm left the business in 1988 and moved down to San Diego, where she worked as a dancer and escort for many years. Through much of the 90s, she taught a class at San Diego's Learning Annex called 'How to Drive Your Woman Wild in Bed.' Men gladly paid $40 per person to hear her regale them with tales of her life in the 80s porn scene -- and throw in the occasional sex tip on the side. She stopped teaching the class in 1999, deciding to finally put her porn star past totally behind her. In her day, Tiffany Storm was one of the most alluring women in porn. She left behind over one hundred steamy features to savor, each one bearing her distinctively energetic sexual trademark.


Born: 1962-10-16

Height: 160

Measurements: 55

Weight: 55







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