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Tony Eveready


This self-styled 'gangsta of porn' has been one of the hardest working studs in all hardcore over the past several years. He's a well-built African-American hunk whose ever-present cornrows give him an instantly recognizable look in the often cookie-cutter world of porn. Tony's a tireless sexual performer who's made a name for himself as a stud who'll literally do anything with anyone at any time. Tony first hit the hardcore screen in late 1994, appearing in a string of low-budget black-themed grinders that showed off his prodigious between-the-sheets skills. Simply put, Tony was the kind of stud that women seemed genuinely excited to work with -- they just knew that they were going to have a good time. Tony likes to heat his women up with lengthy oral sessions and has staked a claim to being the best cunnilinguist among all black studs. Tony's not one to shy away from any kind of wild erotic encounter, as a glance at his catalog of features will quickly tell you. With roles in titles like 'Granny's Interracial Gang Bang' and 'The Good The Fat and The Ugly,' you just know that Tony's not the kind to discriminate when it comes to partners. His best work, though, has consistently been found in the down and dirty black-themed flicks in which he's one of the In 'Sugar Walls 4,' Tony introduces luscious 19 year old Brown Sugar to the porno world with a scintillating session, while he does similar duties with stunning newcomer Moet in 'Sugar Walls 5.' Both scene shows Tony at his caring yet hard-charging best, driving the gals through the roof with his sweaty exertions. For a bit of Tony's wilder side, check out his work in 'Tales From the Black Side 2,' where he and a couple of studs treat Macy to a dizzying dose of double dipping delirium. Tony has also appeared in a handful of pregnancy-themed features with his real-life wife Silver, heating up such flicks as 'Ready To Drop 20' and 'Barefoot And Pregnant 1.' With a wry smile and a knack for sending his female partners into screamingly fervid frenzies, Tony Eveready has insured that his is one of the first names you think of when you think of black hardcore studs. He may look the part of a gangsta, but his performances point to a guy who knows more about loving than hating. Porn Star Tony Eveready has now retired from the porn scene.


Born: 1971-03-12

Height: 170

Measurements: 78

Weight: 78







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