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Buttman's Big Tit Adventure

Studio: N/A

Categories: Big Tits, Big Butts, Outdoors, Brunettes, Blondes,

It started in Seattle. I was looking for Asses-honest I was! And I found a great one! But there they were! I couldn't get around them big nipples and mountains of flesh! TITS like I had never seen before! - and a big, round, firm ASS! Dee Dee was unbelievable! Then, I found another girl with big TITS and a big, round ASS! She was visiting from Pennsylvania and wanted to get it bad from more than o...

The Original Wicked Woman

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Pornstars,

So, d'ever ponder on how it all got started? You know, we all figured it started with some sort of big bang, but oh, how right you are. Wicked Pictures and Director Jim Enright are pleased to present this offering for your approval. Wicked's exclusive new star, Chasey Lain, plays the One who started it all; The Original Wicked Woman, who surfaces again and again throughout the ages to bring her ow...

Buttman's Award Winning Orgies

Studio: N/A

Categories: Big Butts, Orgy, Compilation, European,

Over the years I've received a lot of recognition for the group sex scenes that I've shot. I've always loved jerking off to orgies - seeing many turn-on-elements all at once has always driven me nuts. These are my two all time best orgies. The blindfolded, butt in the face, contest from face dance is perhaps the most fun I've ever had creating a scene and here I get to add lots of footage I didn't...

Married With Hormones 2

Studio: N/A

Categories: Hardcore, Spoof,

Look out, Spielberg, the Undys are headin' for Hollywood. Hal's decided to get a grip on himself and try his hand at directing. Now all he needs is a cast. Problem is: Would you want to be in an Undy production? I didn't think so! Keep your eyes peeled then, the Undys are creeping up on you!

Haunted Nights

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature,

Wacky private detectives Steven St. Croix and Jonathan Morgan head to Scotland, where they investigate the strangest case of their careers. The critics rave that "Celeste is wild, uninhibited and supremely nasty...good for a serious rewind session...The TT Boy and Sahara sex plunge finale is awards worthy!" Haunted Nights won many AVN Awards, including Best Video. Directed by Jim Enright.

The Stranger Beside Me

Studio: N/A

Categories: Classics, Feature,

A flashing neon light. A seedy hotel room. A down and out ex-cop with a chip on his shoulder and a bottle in his hand - and sex on his mind. Robert McCallum's erotic tale of greed, decadence and seduction sinks deep into the sleazy underbelly of L.A.'s notorious tenderloin - where nothing is taboo, forbidden or even questioned - if you've got the price, the muscle or both. It's a case of Who's Doi...

Nurse Nancy

Studio: N/A

Categories: Classics, Nurses, Hardcore,

Slip between the sheets with the nastiest nurse ever! Nancy is having trouble paying the bills, so she trades places with gorgeous call-girl roommate Michelle for the night and gives her customers a mega dose or erotic energy! Meanwhile, Michelle combines business with pleasure as she demonstrates her bedside manner on both the patients, and the personnel, making it a real genital hospital.

Dial N For Nikki

Studio: N/A

Categories: Classics, Hardcore,

Sometimes a deep, dark night can close in on you like a fist, choking your very life away. That's when you call Nikki at station KLUV, 93.7 on your FM dial. She knows how to handle the night. All it takes is a little radioactivity

Chateau Du Cheeks

Studio: N/A

Categories: Hardcore, Classics,

Four young, good looking couples are spending their holiday in a secluded, mountain cabin. With nothing else to keep them occupied, the sexual tension mounts until an explosion of fucking and sucking erupts!

Raunch 8

Studio: N/A

Categories: Classics,

Michael Carpenter, the bad boy of porn, is back with his standard weak-on-story-but-scorching-hot-sex romp with a brand new covergirl, lovely Dyanna Lauren. She tries to be petite and polite and polished. But when Carpenter's done getting her 'warmed up', she's an animal! And she's got the nastiest sluts in the biz right behind her! Like Debbie Diamond and the awesome new Celeste! Play dirty. Dirt...

Model Wife

Studio: N/A

Categories: Pornstars, Classics, Hardcore,

Lights, camera, action! The erotic world of high fashion modeling is filled with beautiful women, scheming men and explosive sexual encounters. K.C. is a stunning female photographer who puts the casting couch to good use. Natasha is a raven-haired Russian model who just can't say no. There's more than meets the eye when gorgeous model Zara marries her gay make-up artist and discovers his sexual p...

Scream In The Night

Studio: N/A

Categories: Feature, Classics,

A wealthy married man is dead. His wife gets everything. Including the private-eye investigating the suspicious circumstances.