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Burning Angel Entertainment


This film production company spawns from it's internet cohort, BurningAngel.com. It was officially born in January 2006 and is owwned and founded by the edgy punk princess Joanna Angel. The company serves as the DVD division of the star's web business, BurningAngel.com. Keeping consistent with the their mantra on the internet, Burning Angel Entertainment is real and raw, shot in the dingiest garages, alleyways and closets throughout New York and Los Angeles. The content features hot, intense gonzo sex and the sexiest punk chicks in the business, Joanna Angel ensures you that the movies ( directed by Miss Angel herself) are filthy enough for men, but also appreciated by women: 'It doesn't have to be degrading to be dirty.' In addition to getting you off, BA Entertainment will make you laugh as well! With the help of guest director, Doug Sakmann (Director of the hysterical AVN Award-Winning DVD, Repenetrator) and Joanna Angel's inherent NYC blunt attitude, Burning Angel's movies have a secret weapon that most adult films lack: comedy. Holding the belief that a sense of humor is crucial, Angel states: 'People take porn way too seriously... we laugh at ourselves and we are laughing at you...'


Founded: New York

Movies: 40