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Since 1989, Mile High Video, headquartered in Montreal, Canada, has been distributing adult movies to retailers across the Country. For well over a decade they have become the leading force in the Canadian market bringing the consumer products they love. They have a panel of industry veterans watching each and every movie they put on the market to ensure you get nothing but the best. Doghouse Digital, Canada's largest adult production company and the first to distribute internationally, was built on the demands of you, the consumer. 'We incorporated what we knew about which content and packaging sells and took it to the next level. You see our packaging might be the first thing that catches your eyes, but it's the content that's going to keep you in the Doghouse forever.' Doghouse Digital, has quickly become a force in the gonzo market and will continue to grow. In the past year They have added many talented directors to the roster including Rod Fontana, Brett Rockman, Jim Gunn, Bobby Manila, Rod Vicious, Inari Vachs, Dillon and Lauren Phoenix. Their number one commitment is to bring you, the fans, the finest hardcore porn on the market! Doghouse offers hardcore so good, it's worth going to the Doghouse for!


Founded: Montreal, Canada

Movies: 138

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