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Homegrown Video began with a whisper as well as a bang in the backroom of a video store somewhere in Del Mar California which is a place most people would relate to more easily if you just called it San Diego. The owner of a small mom and pop independent video store started making videos of the fun times he was having after work with a tight knit group of swinger friends who were having a blast banging each other, swapping wives, and enjoying a freewheeling sexual lifestyle. Greg Swaim decided to take the tapes of the parties and put them in simple cases right on the shelves next to the big glossy slick covers of the mainstream porn he had for rent in the back room for adults only. A whisper grew into a clamor as patrons started realizing that those raw, ragged, no frills tapes had pure unadulterated sex free of the fake moaning and groaning inherent to the other titles on the shelves.


Founded: Los Angeles, California.

Movies: 243

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