Nineteen Video Magazine Volume 21

Nineteen Video Magazine Volume 21 Porn Video Art

The Audit: Her dad fucked up. He supported his family, rather then the IRS. Hell, rather than pay the interest and penalties, he decided to sacrifice his daughter's virginal pussy. Sheee-it! It was cheaper!!! My Sister Turned Me Into A Whore: I was 19 when I left my home with the belief that my sister would help me. I never realized that she was such a money hungry bitch. I did what she asked, but at what a cost...? I wish I had never left home!!! The Draft: He was the hottest pick in football. How could the smaller colleges compete when the biggest universities in the county were after him? It's amazing what a piece of 19 year old cheerleader pussy can do! Twisted: Two college girls, a twisted game gone crazy. Need I Say More?

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