Pussyman Auditions #7

Pussyman Auditions #7 Porn Video Art

J.R. Carrington turns in one of her best performances ever in this white-hot collection of crazy clips. J.R.'s been one of the most consistently engaging starlets of the 90's, a woman who has never quite attained superstar status despite plenty of beauty, charm and sexual sizzle. Still, she's a favorite of fans who like their starlets with a bit of a down-to-earth edge to them -- or of those who just like a great set of breasts. Either set of fans will be happy with her work here. J.R. dives into a feverish fling with Alec Metro that leaves no doubt as to her obvious excitement and arousal. She's a whirling dervish of sexual delights as she romps through a multi-position bangtango. China Lee's a cute little Asian sex kitten whose sensual trysting will appeal to those who go for a more slow-paced session. And Nikki Arizona's a high-energy slice of trailer park sizzle whose scene surges along on a current of feisty oral work and enthusiastic sexing. But it's J.R. who steals the show here with her incendiary, no-holds-barred work.

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Director: David "Pussyman" Christopher