Cynthia is Zulu, has a great body, a nice personality, and strong orgasms and was a real pleasure to film. It takes her a while to get there, but she never gets frustrated and as a result her orgasms are long and hard, and include a status orgasms! Scene one starts with Cynthia walking into the room and doing a little striptease. What a great smile! She quickly settles down with the "thingi" on her clit, and her body seems to start reacting - she has lots of mini contractions throughout, many of which radiate through her entire body. She switches to the blue dolphin vibrator and tries this for a while; getting herself very close. Cynthia then switches to a smoothie vibe and cums almost immediately with a very intense and very visible orgasm! "The Chair" is next ? Cynthia leaves her top on and has one leg over each chair arm as she vibes her clit with the smoothie... very sexy! She has lots of mini contractions again as she gets more and more aroused. She moves to the floor to get comfortable and next thing she knows, she hits status orgasms ? she cums hard, keeps on stimulating, and just keeps cumming for about 5 minutes!! Pretty wild!

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