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There's nothing more erotic than a woman pleasuring herself until she really cums. Watch her glistening beads of wetness build, her pussy pulsate, her sex flush, her nipples harden, her abdomen contract, her goose bumps, and all the other natural signs as she enjoys her orgasms. That's what the-female-orgasm.com and our movies are all about. Femorg was started in 2003 because of our personal desires to see more women from around the globe pleasuring themselves to real orgasms. We'd had enough of the typical porn industry fake 'moaning and groaning' orgasms - we wanted to see genuine female orgasms and nothing else would satisfy us. Today, we have one of the largest collections of real female orgasms out there - and it's growing every day. And now you too, can fall in love with the natural beauty and eroticism of the-female-orgasm.


Founded: London, UK

Movies: 338

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