Lexi and Laura J. are back together in this orgasmic girl / girl video - talk about buxom women! There is really a lot of everything on this movie... a lot of breasts, a lot of pussy, a lot of vibrators, and a boat-load of real orgasms!! Lexi and Laura J. start out with a little tongue-action kissing before Lexi helps Laura out of her top exposing her large, bra-clad breasts. Lexi then pulls off her own top in turn showing off her humongous breasts! These really are two big breasted women!! You can see the collection of vibrators on the bed as the girls pull off their jeans. They fire up a couple of vibrators - the "thingie" and a pocket rocket, testing them briefly through their panties. Lexi lights up the white rabbit and wedges it between the bed and her crotch, and then decides on the pocket rocket. Laura already seems set on the "thingie"... she lies back, pulls off her thong and starts playfully buzzing her clit. Lexi takes off her panties too, lies down beside Laura and goes to work with the pocket rocket. You know things are getting more serious when they both go silent, focusing on the stimulation of their vibrators. Lexi has more of a "lippy" cooch whereas Laura has a "tidy" slit... Lexi's pussy is already having little contractions as she gets more and more worked up. It doesn't take long before she starts cumming and really hangs on to the little buzzer as she does!! Laura is still going for it - fingers of one hand spreading her pussy lips as she stimulates her clit with the "thingie", while in the background Lexi is cumming again! Soon afterwards its Laura's turn to cum. a nice full-body orgasm with visible contractions!

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