Maid to Be the Boss


The ultimate in interracial femdom! This made feminization movie offers a gorgeous dominatrix, spanking, wrestling, feminizing both a beautiful woman and a hot guy. Fayth, a hard working dominant business woman, is married to Shawn, a rich spoiled brat who never worked a day in his life. They live a plush lifestyle of fast cars, games and gadgets.? Kaylani, unemployed and about to be evicted from her apartment, applies for the job as Fayth and Shawn's sexy French maid.? Pretty boy Shawn starts beating Kaylani every time she breaks the rules.? The insatiable Fayth treats her new maid as her sexual plaything making Kaylani kiss every inch of her blond bombshell body.? Kaylani takes this use because of the fat paycheck that comes with the high paying French maid position.? When she realizes Shawn and Fayth have no intention of paying her, Kaylani lashes out with a vengeance.? Shawn and Fayth try to fight back but they are no match for the street smart Kaylani who overpowers both of them.? The roles are reversed.? Shawn, the master, is turned into a feminized French maid who cleans the house and lives in fear of his new Black Mistress. ?Fayth loses her job, her freedom, and ends up as the personal sex slave of her former maid.


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