Homey In The Haystack

Homey In The Haystack Porn Video Art

Byron Long is your typical inner city hustler who gets himself in a jam over a drug deal gone south, and who is then sent into hiding by FBI agent Johnny Thrust. The only place they can come up for him to hide is in the Pennsylvania Dutch country with patriarch Dave Hardman and his all-female family. As long-lost Cousin Jebediah, Long manages to ingratiate himself with the horny Amish women folk, and aside from some absolutely hilarious scenes ? not least among these the sausage and wiener dinner which is simply chock full of double entendres and erotic puns and any scene in which Dave Hardman shows up in his Amish beard and black suit ? the sex is nothing short of incendiary. Especially hot is when cute little Zoe May catches a blistering dp, courtesy of big Byron and Jay Ashley. Also hot is Candy Vegas' rough and ready anal with the formidable Mr. Long.

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